Microsoft’s evolution with Xbox One this generation is a very interesting one. The company continues to improves its relationship with AAA developers as well as independent ones. [email protected] is a major effort on the part of Microsoft to reach out to developers and help them get their games exposed to the Xbox community at large.

Of course, the program does much more than simply expose new games. It helps get gamers closer to the titles they love and the developers who create them. With Project Scorpio on the horizon this fall, it’ll be interesting to see how [email protected] evolves as a result of the new system. [email protected] director Chris Charla recently spoke about the program as well as Xbox Live.

“What we’ve seen with [email protected] is that opening up Xbox One with [email protected] was the right thing to do. We think that being continually open is the right thing to do for developers, because ultimately what we want to do is provide developers as many tools and technologies we can, so they can really focus on their games.

“We think that Xbox Live is really rad, honestly, and we think that players like it too and a lot of the social features – their Gamertag and presence and leaderboards – are great things to have as a player, and being able to provide that to developers for anyone to use is a big plus. And then there are things like connected storage and title managed storage that developers can use, that again we think of as a big plus for them. So we think this is going to be a positive thing for both developers and players,” Charla told WindowsCentral.

This brand of Xbox has always seemed very developer friendly. With developers having greater access to resources, which help them create their visions, this only means greater experiences for gamers. Microsoft has a slew of exciting AAA games upcoming in 2017, but it’ll be interesting to see what unexpected games also rise to the top.

Project Scorpio is will launch this coming fall and it’ll mark a new era for Microsoft. While the console isn’t exactly a new generation per say, its technology and power has all the feel of one. There are still many unknown elements for how and when the console will ship this year, but Microsoft continues to call the system a “premium console.”

Price will be a very important factor in how early adopters take to Project Scorpio. This was a very telling part of Xbox One’s success early on and you’d think it’ll be just as important with Scorpio. Microsoft is getting ready to change Xbox forever this fall with Project Scorpio. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox.

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