Remedy Entertainment is a studio that has created some of the most interesting experiences in gaming. Their most recent work on the Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break brought gamers a creative, new way to look at how storytelling can coexist within the realm of gameplay.

While Quantum Break may not have been the hit Remedy and Microsoft wanted, the game still managed to perform well enough. Remedy Entertainment is not revealing their next project quite yet, but many hope it will be a new Alan Wake.

Microsoft is always looking at partnering up with studios and they seem to keep in contact with Remedy. Xbox does not have a deal in place with Remedy, but things can change. Phil Spencer recently spoke about working with Remedy Entertainment and his thoughts on doing so again.

“We don’t have a deal with Remedy. I will say when you start working with a studio…and once you’ve figured out how to work together, I think Playground [Games] is a good example of this, you get into a rhythm, I think it’s easy to take some of that burn that you have building the relationship and doing things again in the future. I’d love to work with Remedy again. We don’t have a deal right now. As you can imagine at different events, we talk to a lot of the developers out there,” Spencer told IGN.

Playground Games is of course the studio behind the highly successful racing series, Forza Horizon. Last year, Playground launched the third iteration in the franchise and it was a smash-success. Microsoft was certainly hoping Quantum Break would turn into a breakout hit like Forza Horizon, but that wasn’t to be.

It remains to be revealed what project Remedy will work on next. Many gamers are hoping a sequel to the 2010 title Alan Wake will be coming. Remedy has been fairly mum when it comes to the topic of a sequel, but it is possible. Quantum Break is available now on Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox.

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