Square Enix Montreal is a gaming studio that has championed the mobile space for the publisher. They’ve managed to take already successful AAA gaming franchises and reinvent them on tablets and phones. Each game has the term GO in common and these three titles are getting an inside look.

Hitman is a franchise that has seen great reinvention, both in the AAA space as well as mobile. Last year, Square Enix released a brand-new vision for the Hitman series. IO Interactive and Square Enix successfully turned Hitman into a unique and interesting episodic brand.

Hitman GO was the first GO game to come from Square Enix Montreal. This experience debuted back in 2014 and provided gamers with an exciting new way to view and play the brand. Hitman GO turned out to be extremely addicting and fun. You can enjoy it no matter if you have 10 minutes to play or two hours.

Square Enix knew the franchise was a success and from there, Lara Croft GO and Deus Ex GO were created. In an effort to celebrate the success of the GO titles and to give gamers a sneak peek into the development of these games, Square Enix is showcasing a new three-part video series entitled, The GO Trilogy Stories.

The first episode revisits Square Enix Montreal’s original GO game, Hitman GO, through the perspective of IO Interactive. Following episode one, Square Enix will release upcoming videos covering Lara Croft GO and Deus Ex GO. You can check out The GO Trilogy Stories – Part One: Hitman GO below.

If you have yet to experience The GO Trilogy, it is available now on the Apple Store for $1.99. It is exciting to think about the experiences Square Enix Montreal will bring in the months ahead. Will there be more GO iterations or will the studio deliver an entirely new concept? Stick around here We Write Things to for more on Square Enix.

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