Back in June 2016, Havana Club Añejo Clásico was officially launched and since then, it has grown to become a popular spirit for enjoying both in cocktails as well as neat. With its blend of rums, oak barrel aging and it being stored in the Caribbean, Havana Club Añejo Clásico delivers a unique, smooth presentation.

This rum contains a light golden look and possesses an 80 proof, or 40 percent alcohol by volume. When it comes to the nose found in the Havana Club Añejo Clásico, the scent that sticks out most is the vanilla. The hints in Añejo Clásico’s preview are certainly similar to what is part of the overall palate.

Havana Club Añejo Clásico’s palate is a diverse one with many notes that present themselves throughout each sample of the rum. Vanilla is once again a note that’s most present to me, particularly when it comes to the finish. Vanilla is the strongest note once the spirit clears your palate. Other hints I found were almond, near the finish, and apricot, during the mid-point of the presentation. Havana Club Añejo Clásico contains a magnificently smooth finish, one that keeps you coming back for more.

Overall, I feel this rum is a very accessible spirit for those looking to jump into the world of rum. Its overall presentation provides a friendly environment for any newcomer to the spirit. Not only is Havana Club Añejo Clásico a stellar rum to break into the spirit with, it also performs well when used in cocktails.

The Havana Club Rum Mule is a cocktail that the rum does quite well with. It is a classic recipe with a high level of drinkability. In order to create one, you will need to have on hand Havana Club Añejo Clásico, chilled ginger beer, lime wedges, aromatic bitters, a copper mug, ice, stirrer and mint sprig.

Creating a Havana Club Rum Mule is done through a fairly simple process. First, you must add ice into a copper mug and then squeeze in two lime wedges. If you wish, you can leave the wedges in for a stronger lime presence, but I squeezed the limes and then disposed of them.

Next, add in one part Havana Club Añejo Clásico, two parts chilled ginger beer and two dashes of aromatic bitters. Then, gently stir the contents until you are happy with the consistency. Stirring thoroughly is important so no one ingredient is sitting on the top portion of the cocktail. If you wish, feel free to garnish the cocktail with a mint sprig and you are ready to enjoy your drink.

Another cocktail you can make with Havana Club Añejo Clásico is known as the 1934. This recipe is a bit more boozy than the Rum Mule, but it is just as tasty. In order to create a 1934, you’ll need to have on hand Havana Club Añejo Clásico, sweet vermouth, amaro, orange bitters, a stirrer, ice, shaker, rocks glass, orange peel and ice sphere.

First, go ahead and add ice into your shaker and then add in two parts Havana Club Añejo Clásico, three fourth parts of sweet vermouth, one half part amaro and two dashes of orange bitters. Do not shake up the contents, but instead, vigorously stir until happy with the blend.

From there, go ahead and place your ice sphere into the rocks glass. Then strain the contents into the rocks glass and if you’d like, go ahead and garnish with an orange peel. The 1934 is slightly more involved than the Rum Mule, but not by much. It certainly is worth the effort given its excellent presentation.

Rum drinkers can pick up Havana Club Añejo Clásico now at retailers around the country. Stick around here at We Write Things for more great cocktail recipes.

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