BioWare is only a matter of weeks away from releasing Mass Effect Andromeda to the world. On March 21, the next chapter in the Mass Effect series will finally be here. The game is shaping up to be a massive experience and one with loads of secrets for players to discover.

The Mass Effect series has always had an open element to its gameplay. Whether you’re talking about exploring planets, journeying on side missions or playing through main quests, the franchise has always felt like an open-world you can explore.

Mass Effect isn’t really an open-world and BioWare would never say it was. However, there will be sections in Mass Effect Andromeda that could be identified as open. Other environments will surely be smaller and more linear. BioWare’s Ian Frazier explained how Mass Effect Andromeda won’t just be open or linear, but rather a blend of both.

“What you’ve seen is a good cross-section of the game. Honestly, it’s a spectrum. If you look at the [first mission you played], that’s sort of a mix of the traditional Mass Effect 3 ‘beautiful tube,’ as we call it, and a more wide-open experience.We wanted you to go, ‘OK, this is a game with exploration in it from the get-go.’ We want to immediately convey that you’re going to get explore and see what’s out there, even in a case like that, where we’re trying to get you to move along the story at a certain pace

“We also have some missions that are much more contained, like when you’re on the enemy starship – it’s not wide open because it’s a starship! You have hubs and cities you can explore that are varying degrees of open. And then, of course the open worlds – the UNCs, I should say. They’re all very open but in different ways.

“Some of them are a little bit more claustrophobic-feeling because of the sight lines, the amount of foliage in the darkness. Some of them are super open, like, ‘Watch the rolling dunes! Where do I want to go?’ So, they vary quite a bit. In general, we try to have that spectrum, from “I just want to shoot things! Just get me a tube to shoot things in!” to a vast galaxy to explore,” Frazier told Glixel.

Mass Effect Andromeda will feature many planets for players to visit and explore. Environments will likely be as explorer-friendly as they were in previous Mass Effect games. Much like other RPGs, Andromeda will entice players to go deeper and look harder.

This will be the first installment in the series in five years. Mass Effect 3 was the last installment and it debuted back in 2012. Mass Effect Andromeda will launch on March 21 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Mass Effect.

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