Housemarque is working on its next major release in the form of Nex Machina. The game will arrive in the coming months, and it’ll come to PS4 exclusively. The studio places a colorful, destructive signature on all of its releases, and it looks like Nex Machina won’t be any different.

Housemarque is in a constant relationship with the folks over at Sony. This duo has produced several amazing experiences like Alienation and Resogun, and it seems to be a very successful affiliation. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Mikael Haveri, who is the head of publishing at Housemarque, talked about how working on the PS4 solely will better Nex Machina.

“As all relationships, things do grow with time. We’ve been able to focus on the PS4 closely and I think that will mostly mean that Nex [Machina] will feel very stable,” Haveri said.

Housemarque is still holding off on announcing modes and online play for the game. However, Haveri did say gamers “can expect the main stay favorites” in Nex Machina. I also wanted to know if there would ever be a Resogun sequel from Housemarque. Haveri said the recent 4K/HDR update for the game will “likely be the biggest iteration for now.”

Gamers want to see PS4 Pro’s power be taken advantage of, and some games are starting to. Housemarque’s 4K/HDR update for Resogun is evidence of that. Despite the power of the PS4 Pro, Haveri and his team are still relying on the base PS4 as a starting point for creating games like Nex Machina.

A glimpse of the action found in Housemarque’s newest game, Nex Machina (Courtesy of SIE).

“Well actually when you create a game that has two different platforms we always use the weaker one as the base. So in essence we are still creating games very much on the basis of them being base PS4 games,” Haveri said.

If you are wondering why Housemarque has never brought a game to Xbox One or any other platform, it is primarily for one simple reason. “Sony funding,” Haveri said. The partnership between Sony and Housemarque seems to be a very successful one for both companies. With great games like Alienation and Resogun, there seems to be little reason for either to change what works.

Nex Machina is going to arrive sometime this summer, unless a delay occurs. The game will be coming exclusively to PS4. When gamers first pick up the controller and play Nex Machina, what will surprise them most? Haveri believes it’ll be the game’s accessibility.

“Hopefully how easy it is to pick-up and play. Secondly, how that is clearly not going to be enough, but that you do need to be able to create your own playstyle to really get the most out of it. Other than that, most likely the explosions and techy visuals will be a focal point,” Haveri said.

Nex Machina will release sometime during the second quarter of this year. Sony and Housemarque will peg down a release in the days ahead. The game will launch on PS4 exclusively. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Nex Machina.

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