When the PS4 first made its debut back in 2013, a slew of new games arrived on the system. A personal favorite is easily the PS4 exclusive Resogun, which turned out to be one of the most addicting launch titles. Housemarque is the developer behind Resogun and they are working on their next PS4 exclusive.

Nex Machina is the newest PS4 game coming from Housemarque. The game is coming to PS4 later this year, and the studio is bullish on the experience. The game is a top-down voxel shooter and will combine many of the elements you know from Housemarque’s previous games.

Titles like Resogun and Alienation both feature big time guns, massive destruction and gorgeous worlds. Nex Machina looks like it’ll be no different in that regard. In an interview with We Write Things, Mikael Haveri, who is the head of publishing at Housemarque, detailed what players will recognize in Nex Machina that is similar to previous games the studio has made.

“Humans will be a clear familiarity there. Also tight confined spaces to maneuver through. In the end Nex Machina is made to be a successor to Robotron with some elements thrown in from Smash TV. Those two will have the biggest impact, a bit less so with Resogun for obvious reasons,” Haveri said.

Nex Machina will launch during the second quarter of 2017 (Courtesy of SIE).

Colorful and vibrant worlds is another recognizable element in each game Housemarque makes. Nex Machina will task players with saving humans from an invading robot force. This new PS4 game is what the studio believes an arcade game should be in the 21st century.

Gamers love the ability to express themselves through gameplay and choices. While Nex Machina is no serious game with difficult choices, it will still allow for great player expression. Haveria spoke about how the game will embrace your playstyle, no matter what that is.

“Well that is the beauty [of] simplistic design. When a player is only given two buttons and two stick controls, they really need to be able to create everything else. Let’s see what they come up with,” Haveri said.

Housemarque is currently working on Nex Machina and it’ll arrive later this year. While there is no exact release date, the game will arrive sometime during Q2 2017. Nex Machina will launch exclusively on PS4. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Nex Machina.

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