Ubisoft’s upcoming melee-combat game For Honor is nearly out. This coming weekend will see an open beta for the game’s multiplayer experience, and then the game will launch on Feb. 14. Gamers who are anxious to hear about For Honor’s season pass, need not wait any longer.

Those who decide to pick up For Honor‘s season pass will earn themselves access to half a dozen new heroes seven days they’re released to all players. Additionally, they will acquire “in-game gear and 30-day Champion Status.” This will provide folks with more XP and loot.

The season pass will include the aforementioned detail about the game’s heroes as well as six elite outfits for the new heroes and the Day One War Pack. The latter contains one exclusive “sunbeam effect on emotes for all heroes, three exclusive emblem outlines, three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear and the 30-day Champion Status.”

Gamers should remember all new maps, modes and gear will be accessible to all players, just not all at once. If you’re looking to pick up the season pass, in addition to the full game, the Gold Edition is the way to go. Ubisoft is confirming all season pass content will be available to players at launch.

Players will be able to unlock new heroes with the in-game currency known as Steel. You will gain steel by completing matches and in-game challenges. Ubisoft says new heroes will debut in sets of two “at the beginning of a new Season of the Faction War.” More content will arrive during the first three seasons of Faction War.

As I mentioned previously, Ubisoft is hosting an open beta for For Honor starting on Feb. 9. The test will run until Feb. 12, just two days prior to launch. Gamers can sample Elimination mode as well as Dominion, Brawl and Duel. Nine unique heroes will be playable for players during the open beta.

Ubisoft also has released a brand-new trailer celebrating the heart of battle. This 360 degree look allows people to witness battle and adjust the camera however they wish. This is actually a super cool concept and you can check it out for yourself below.

For Honor will release this coming Feb. 14 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Ubisoft is setting up to have a major 2017 and it all starts with For Honor. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on For Honor.

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