Last year, Ubisoft released its newest IP in the form of Tom Clancy’s The Division. Since then, the game continues to enjoy astounding sales and player participation. Several major expansions have already been released for the title and another exciting one is on its way: Last Stand.

The Division‘s latest expansion is bringing a brand-new game mode that focuses on sessions, clear objectives and win conditions. Of course, this is still the Dark Zone and elements like PvE enemies and Landmarks will be present. The add-on will also deliver a new Incursion for gamers to challenge.

Last Stand is the new mode and will combine PvP with “strong” PvE involvement. This mode pits two teams of eight players who will battle it out on an “instanced map” to control various terminals. The goal is to transfer enough information and that will be your win condition. The team you fight against will come across to you as Rogues. That said, the actual Rogue mechanics don’t apply in Last Stand. When a session is done, gamers go back to a queue and do not have to return to the main game.

Gamers can queue up solo as well as with up to three other friends. Eight player groups won’t be possible though, and gamers will need to be at level 30 to jump into Last Stand. The game mode splits up the Dark Zone into four maps, and you’ll know which one you are playing during matchmaking. Matches can last up to 20 minutes, and every map contains three tactical locations (A, B and C). Each of these has a trio of encryption points that must be controlled in order to begin the info transfer. The game plays out a bit like Domination in a sense.

When you capture a terminal, a respawn relay appears for downed teammates. Gamers will choose where they spawn from the megamap. However, at some point during a match, automatically spawning close to teammates will be enabled. Players can rest easy as dying in the Last Stand won’t mean you lose Dark Zone XP, keys, loot or even currency.

A glimpse of the map players will find in Last Stand (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

Matchmaking is based on Gear Score and “how well you’ve been playing recently.” The system sounds like it should self correct for gamers who are getting overwhelmed by the competition. Signing up as a group means the server will “aggregate” recent performances of the entire group. A new type of balance is coming to Last Stand. Ubisoft wants to limit the impact of Gear Set and stat randomness, and the upcoming Public Test Server will test the new system.

Enemy NPCs play a large role in Last Stand as they guard control points, roam the streets and Landmarks as usual, while central control points are manned by elite NPCs. NPC kills will net SHD tech that unlocks tactical boosts and fortifications. Turrets can be activated or you can send out a “large Pulse.” Once a certain point in a match has passed, tactical boost stations come into play. SHD tech is used as a currency and players can purchase bonuses with it. It is one team per station at a time.

As you might expect, boosts are timed and will require players to have a constant supply of SHD tech. These bonuses will have a great impact on the outcome of each match. NPCs respawn throughout the game and Landmarks reset quicker than in the traditional Dark Zone. Gamers don’t have to worry about extractions since these NPCs don’t drop regular loot.

Underground will receive a new progression system featuring “special” XP that goes toward your Last Stand rank. The max rank for Last Stand is 40. When you level up, a “sealed cache of items” is given. Certain milestones will also net you “exclusive vanity items.” Last Stand comes with two unique vanity sets and two weapon skins.

For those who reach level 40, you will continue to accrue XP and acquire new caches. Last Stand ranks cannot be lost like your Dark Zone rank can, and are taken into account for matchmaking. Winning teams in Last Stand will earn additional rewards, but your mid-match actions are taken into account too. Rewards become available at the end of each match.

The next expansion for The Division will be coming soon. The game is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more information on Last Stand, check out Ubisoft’s full post, and the same goes for the title’s recent 1.6 update. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on The Division.

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