Anytime a new game comes along, the question always seems to come up, will it be an eSport? Debut franchises like Rainbow Six Siege have come along and captured the necessary audience to step into eSports. However, it is not always a rule that a new IP must become one.

Ubisoft is getting ready to launch For Honor in less than one month. The title will introduce a skill-based multiplayer experience, one that will test gamers around the world. The art of the sword is being grown in For Honor and its gameplay is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

So, will For Honor be looking to set its aim on the thriving world of eSports? In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Roman Campos Oriola, who is the game director on For Honor, spoke about the multiplayer and his mindset when it comes to For Honor as an eSport.

“It is a skill-based game. We want your skill to really matter and be important in the gameplay. We want it to be fair. If you lose, you know what you did to lose. If you win, you know what you did to win. We want that tactical and competitive experience.

“My personal opinion, I don’t believe that as a game developer we get the chance to say ‘yeah, you know what? We’re building an eSport.’ Maybe? Maybe not? (laughs). Again for me, it is something that needs to come from the community to actually be authentic and actually drive a real response,” Oriola said.

Ubisoft seems to be taking a realistic approach in regards to the eSport prospect. Some games out there try to tailor an experience during development in the hopes of claiming their spot in the ranks of eSports. Bethesda’s Quake Legends is a game in development that feels like it is coming specifically for eSports. However, Ubisoft seems to be taking a more organic or wait-and-see approach.

For Honor certainly possesses massive potential, both as a franchise and as a multiplayer experience. Its unmistakeable look and intriguing world create the necessary intrigue a game needs these days. For Honor will release this coming Feb. 14 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more from our interview with Roman.

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