In 2016, gamers were given some of the most unique experiences across all major console platforms, and this next year doesn’t look like it’ll be a letdown in any fashion. PS4 will be receiving a slew of exciting, new titles over the course of 2017. While there will be many amazing experiences in 2017, here are five upcoming PS4 games We Write Things wants to point out in particular.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise will see its next iteration release in a matter of days. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is next in the popular horror series, and this game looks to get the brand back on track. Taking inspiration from previous experiences like P.T., Resident Evil VII is showing signs of a something truly terrifying.

Capcom looks to recapture the magnificent blend that has made Resident Evil great in the past. Through its four gameplay pillars (fear, combat, exploration, and item management), Capcom believes this will help bring out the most authentic, thrilling form of gameplay yet.

The studio created a brand-new game engine with Resident Evil VII in mind. Through it they have the capability to generate “photorealistic results and display objects of various textures.” The demo I experienced last year at E3 showed just how Capcom has refocused the series since Resident Evil VI. I believe this next iteration will be the one to get the franchise back on track.

Gamers who own a PS4 Pro will be able to enjoy an experience of higher precision and fidelity. Additionally, PSVR owners will also be able to play the full game through their headset. Resident Evil VII will make its debut on Jan. 24. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Open-world games are thriving this generation and Sony is bringing out a brand-new one this coming February. Horizon Zero Dawn will makes its debut in about a month and a half from now. The game is a new IP from developer Guerrilla Games, and it is an RPG with massive potential.

The stunning world of Horizon Zero Dawn, plus the combination of futuristic dinosaurs and prehistoric man, all make this RPG one of gargantuan intrigue. Guerrilla is delivering a wide variety of environments and terrain for players to experience. Not only is the land diverse, but so are the creatures you’ll encounter.

A deep progression system and intelligent combat will ask players to ponder their play style and customize Aloy’s skills, who is the lead protagonist, to their liking. Secrets seem to be abundant in the massive world of Horizon Zero Dawn and it is up to players to seek them out.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch this coming Feb. 28 exclusively for PS4. The game will indeed have enhancements for gamers who own a PS4 Pro as well.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Next up on our countdown of games is Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. The upcoming open-world game will be sending gamers to the land of Bolivia. Here a deadly drug cartel is controlling the streets, and it is up to players to destroy the corruption that is oppressing the country.

In this experience, gamers will be able to upgrade their Ghost’s skills and gear via finding weapons throughout the world and completing missions. Missions in Wildlands can be done in any order. The narrative flexes to the missions you choose to play. This is different from most open-world games, which have you complete missions in a set order.

Thanks to being able to play with up to three friends, gameplay will be as emergent as ever. Your actions will have a direct impact on the world around you, for good or for bad. The world is alive and your decisions will either help or hurt in your journey toward taking down the cartel.

Gameplay and unique experiences are aplenty in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The game is currently set to launch this coming March 7. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Mass Effect Andromeda

The Mass Effect series is one of the most popular within the EA portfolio. It is a universe that has brought incredible wonder and innovation to the RPG genre. BioWare is back at it with their next installment Mass Effect Andromeda. The upcoming game will launch in a few months, and it will take gamers to a never-before-seen world.

Starring a new protagonist known as Ryder, Andromeda takes gamers into the Andromeda galaxy. This new world will introduce players to familiar creatures, but entirely different characters. New species are waiting for players, and from what BioWare recently showed off, deep progression is as well.

During Nvidia’s CES event a few days ago, EA gave folks a peek at the massive progression tree gamers will have to choose from. You can check out what I’m talking about in the trailer below. There seems to be eight different “profiles” for players to pick from. Not only that, but there are three different categories of skills for Ryder and then another three for squad skills.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be giving gamers plenty to sink their teeth into. From the size of the world, to the depth of progression, so much awaits players. The game will release on March 21 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. PS4 Pro will also be receiving enhancements to the Andromeda experience.

God of War

Okay, this last one is definitely a stretch, as I do not think God of War will debut in 2017. However, until Sony Santa Monica says otherwise, there is always the possibility of that happening. Not too much is known about the new God of War, other than the fact that it stars Kratos and his young son.

The new God of War is taking gamers to the land of Norse. This snowy land has towering peaks and dense forests for players to explore. Santa Monica’s new vision for the game feels like it will have a more personal narrative than previous iterations in the franchise. Kratos will teach his son how to be a god, while his son will teach Kratos how to be human again.

Players will be able to upgrade Kratos’s skills and abilities. By customizing upgrades for both Kratos and his son, gamers are able to illustrate their own play styles. At the end of your game, the boy is said to have a completely different outfit compared to mine. Choice will be central to your progression.

Again, there is no timetable for when the new God of War will debut. The same can be said about Sony’s other major upcoming game Days Gone. Both made their debuts at E3 last year, however, it is unlikely we’ll see both arrive this year. Here’s hoping I’m wrong and both PS4 exclusives launch sometime in 2017. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on PlayStation.

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