Many gamers like myself have been having a hard time seeing the true reason to spring for a mid-generation upgrade to the PS4 Pro. Everything I’ve seen so far has just been incremental increases in visuals with slightly higher fidelity. Sure, there may be more stable frame rates, but none of that has made me want to consider throwing down the type of cash that’s required for jumping into the PS4 Pro realm.

Slightly higher resolution and a bit more stable frame rate just doesn’t justify $400 for a new system and at least $500 for a new TV. It isn’t worth it for a lot of people and doesn’t seem worth it for me. However, I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on For Honor and man, this game makes me think twice.

When I think about the type of experiences I’ll see on PS4 Pro, For Honor is now one of them. For Honor looked absolutely magnificent and is one of the best preview builds of a game I’ve seen in years.

Frame rate was remarkably stable throughout even the most congested instances. Resolution is phenomenal and will make you drool. However, what ties both of these things together is the astoundingly good job Ubisoft has done with For Honor‘s visuals. Take a look at a match of Dominion below to see for yourself.

The world’s textures are exquisitely crafted, and this includes everything from a soldier’s clothes to puddles of mud to the wooden ladders scattered across the map. For Honor’s atmosphere is splendid and it sucked me in from the first second I laid eyes on it.

Some people may not be expecting For Honor to steal the spotlight when it launches next year. However, it has the chance to do just that, and I say that more than just because it looks good.

Too many people give Ubisoft grief for their games’ visuals being downgraded, and that is sheer obnoxiousness at this point. Even the most cynical critic can’t tell me that For Honor isn’t one of the best looking games of the year. The video above does the explaining for me, but it’s easy to see how gorgeous this game looks.

What has always been the turn off to picking up a PS4 Pro is the fact that your paying big time money for an incremental increase in performance. I always thought games would take a year or two to truly take advantage of the newfound power of PS4 Pro.

However, with what I’ve seen from For Honor, it is certainly enough to make me think about splurging for a new setup much sooner. All the credit in the world goes to Ubisoft’s For Honor team for creating such a stunning experience.

I should say the demoes we played For Honor on were running on PCs. This build should be comparable to what we’ll eventually see on PS4 Pro next year. We Write Things has a full preview of For Honor‘s multiplayer. In it, I delve into the incredibly entertaining and intense action, as well as the fact that gamers will be able to experience a new type of multiplayer this Feb. 14.

We Write Things will have much more coverage on For Honor including several interviews with developers in the coming days. For Honor launches on Feb. 14 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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