What is still one of my favorite games this generation, Resogun, is now getting an update. The side-scrolling shoot ’em up PS4 launch title delivered addicting action I simply could not get away from. Housemarque is the studio that brought this game to life, and since then, they released some other thrilling experiences.

Housemarque, however, has not forgotten about gamers who wish to play Resogun on PS4 Pro. The new system launched a little under a month ago, and they are ready to support it.

Today, Housemarque announced they will be giving a fresh update to their PS4 launch title Resogun. The update will deliver full 4K/HDR capabilities to the 2013 game. They delivered a few details about what players will find in Resogun‘s upcoming update.

“Imagine all of the voxels, particle effects and the fast-paced action even in greater, more eye-candy indulged experience. No actual date to announce yet, but it should be coming soon enough,” Housemarque wrote.

Gamers can pick up Resogun now via the PS Store for the price of $14.99. Additionally, DLC for the game was introduced post-launch in the form of Defenders. That is retailing for $4.99 as of now on Amazon.

Developers have been releasing new updates for already released games for quite sometime now. Other games like inFamous: Second Son have received updates that deliver 4K visuals for gamers. This is a trend that many expect to continue, sort of like remasters have.

At PSX 2016, Housemarque announced their next game Nex Machina. The game has many of the same diverse color palate traits you would expect from a Housemarque game. You can check out its announcement trailer below. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Housemarque.

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