Back at E3 2016, Microsoft made the announcement of Project Scorpio, the company’s mid-generation system upgrade. When they made the introduction, a number of gaming developers were shown in a video talking about the new console. Positivity was the name of the game from folks like Todd Howard, and it seems as though that sentiment stretches far beyond Bethesda Game Studios.

Project Scorpio reactions are continuing to be positive from most gamers. While it is a long ways off from releasing, Project Scorpio has a lot of momentum going for it. Microsoft believes folks will be more than happy with what they find in the new system. Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg spoke about Project Scorpio and what gamers should expect.

“We’ve put that into the hands of the developers and it’ll be exciting to see what they create but being able to have that ‘runway’ and being able to work with them so far in advance… I think gamers are going to be really, really pleased with what comes out [of Project Scorpio],” Greenberg told AusGamers.

Like PS4 Pro, no matter how powerful these systems are, it is the games that will have the final say. If games fail to take advantage of their newfound power until a few years after their release then that is something to consider. People might not adapt as quickly as a result.

Getting back to how developers feel about Project Scorpio, Microsoft is banging the drum of positivity in that regard. Greenberg went onto talk about how developers have felt about Project Scorpio.

“The response from developers we’ve spoken to has been overwhelmingly positive, also. People were really, really excited about the specs and the performance, and in particular for the console space. You know, you saw in the video we released at E3, folks like Todd Howard from Bethesda, Patrick Bach from DICE, they were talking about how excited they were for Project Scorpio, and so the development reaction has been really positive.

“You know, a lot of these developers want to be on the cutting edge, they want to create stuff that’s in their mind that maybe they didn’t have the [technical] capabilities to before, and so giving them more power and more capability to do that I think is very good,” Greenberg said.

Microsoft will detail specifics surrounding Project Scorpio when it launches next year. Items such as price are going to be essential to the system selling well. The firm is cautioning people that the new console will be expensive. This makes me think that the console could snatch a $500 or $600 price tag.

Project Scorpio does not have an exact release date yet, but that’ll happen probably at E3 next year. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox.

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