Deck 13, the studio behind the innovative RPG Lords of the Fallen, is back once again with a brand-new world. Focus Home Interactive has teamed up with the developer to create a new action, RPG called The Surge.

The new game is set in a futuristic world that’s filled with beauty as well as destruction. Its corridors and meadows are filled with rusting metals, ripped cloth and some of the most badass looking machines you’ll find.

What was immediately most striking to me about The Surge was how sharp and intimidating every enemy looks. Many are wielding some type of blade, with which could tear the player to shreds. When you first step into the world of The Surge one thing becomes clear. Each kill will be something you work for and earn.

During the course of combat, players will be able to target certain limbs or parts of an enemy’s body. This will help gamers attempt to take enemies down more easily. It’s important to remember that while in combat, there is a downside to killing an enemy if you don’t hit them in the correct spot.

A combat screen of the desert-based environments in The Surge (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).
Precision is more important in The Surge than you may think (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).

As Deck 13 coined the phrase, “How you fight is what you lose.” This is absolutely true as their gameplay shows. Killing an enemy and not cutting off the correct limb will result in your missing out on important loot.

Cutting off the correct limb will result in gamers gaining components for crafting later on. It’s a marvelous combat concept that is so simple. At the same time, it is quite challenging because so much is at stake. I really think Deck 13 is onto something here.

Much like players had to do in Deck 13’s previous game, Lords of the Fallen, they will need to understand their enemies. Each one has attack patterns and movements. You’ll need to pay attention to those in order to skillfully kill them.

The mechanics and movements of your enemies will dictate where and how you end up targeting an enemy. Effectively doing so creates a weak spot for slicing. It’s essential to remember that cutting off the limb in a precise fashion will yield loot. That said, killing an enemy sloppily will produce nothing but a missed opportunity.

Enemies can be massive just like they can be small (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).
Slicing an enemy the wrong way can result in nothing for you (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).

The Surge will have a massive world for players to become lost in. I say that both from the standpoint of immersion and literally becoming lost. The game isn’t going to use a mini-map, which is actually a very refreshing decision on the part of Deck 13. This of course, can always change, as game development does.

Gamers will need to use the world around them as their guide, creating a deeper sense of familiarity with the environment. The more you are tuned into the game’s environments and hints, the more you will learn.

Deck 13 is also making another interesting choice with its narrative or cutscenes. In-game cinematics are optional in the sense that gamers can press “X” if they wish to watch say, the reveal of a boss, or other story element.

If they aren’t as inclined to follow along with the cinematic because they’re trying to position themselves for battle, they can still listen to the narrator while not having to sit through the actual cutscene. In a sense, you are your own director of the gameplay experience.

What sort of gameplay experience will you direct (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive)?
What sort of gameplay experience will you direct (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive)?

There are several main hubs around the world where gamers will be able to craft, level up and prepare themselves for battle. As you would expect, customization will be a large part of The Surge, though Deck 13 elected not to go into specifics about how exactly that’ll be done.

Deck 13 has created yet another intriguing world in The Surge. Be on the lookout for this game next year when it launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on The Surge.

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