Role-playing games (RPGs) place enormous weight on players’ decisions about who their characters are. Gamers are able to customization their look, skills and abilities to their liking. Often times, RPGs force gamers to permanently live with their class choices.

This generation though has seen more games release that permanent pressure involved with choice, and instead, have given gamers the ability to rescind their decisions. Mass Effect Andromeda will be yet another game that gives players the chance to change their mind mid-game.

As is the case with any game, gameplay scenarios differ throughout a campaign. Gamers will rarely use the same set of skills in every single mission. This means it is important to allow gamers to change skills or profiles as they please. Mass Effect Andromeda producer Mike Gamble spoke about how gamers can switch up profile points.

“When you put enough points into a certain type of class, then you choose that profile and get perks. But where we’re different is that you can constantly reallocate points to different profiles. In one mission, I can be an Infiltrator. In another mission, I can be a Sentinel,” Gamble told GI in their recent issue.

This will give gamers a new level of choice, and not hold them to early gameplay decisions. Those who stick to one play style can of course upgrade to that play style, but this style of progression will give those who dabble in other profiles the chance to do so without having to start their game completely over.

Stripping away classes might help eliminate the rails that classes can present. However, players still have their tendencies and those usually take over. Mass Effect Andromeda producer Fabrice Condominas described this sort of phenomena.

“People tend to stick to certain kinds of characters, especially in RPGs. Even without class systems, they already know what they want to do. And they can absolutely do that. I think they will play the way they want, with a couple specific, targeted tactical places where they will choose to switch,” Condominas said.

Mass Effect Andromeda will release this coming spring for PS4, Xbox One and PC. New gameplay will be shown tonight during The Game Awards so gamers can look forward to that. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Mass Effect Andromeda.

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