PS4 Pro released earlier this month and it ushered in a new era for console gaming. It is the first mid-generation upgrade gaming has ever seen. PS4 Pro gives developers a newfound level of capability that simply isn’t there with the base PS4 system.

Developers will become more and more familiar with the new tech over time. As new hardware like Project Scorpio goes, it is often times years before we see what they are capable of. Nonetheless, developers like Ubisoft’s Nouredine Abboud, who is a senior producer on Ghost Recon Wildlands, is thrilled with PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio’s potential for greater visuals.

“We are game developers: the more platforms there are for gamers, the happier we are. Especially when the platforms get better and better! That said, new hardware gives us the tools to further innovate in our games. This includes the possibility of pushing our game’s graphics to new levels, which creates even more immersive experiences for players,” Abboud said.

While the things we have seen this generation have been incredible, several years from now will be a different story. It will take time for developers to leverage systems like PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio. Ubisoft has confirmed Ghost Recon Wildlands will be taking advantage of PS4 Pro. Gamers will find out just how when it releases on March 7, 2017.

Speaking of Ghost Recon Wildlands, the upcoming shooter will be testing the co-op abilities of gamers everywhere. Abboud spoke about what he’s most excited for players to learn about Wildlands.

“We’re excited for players to learn their playstyles and see how they approach missions solo or in co-op with the freedom of choice offered. Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Bolivia is a beautiful and large open world full of emergent activities that we hope players will enjoy come March,” Abboud said.

The upcoming shooter is said to be receiving a beta, however, Ubisoft has not stated when exactly that will happen. Seeing as how launch is on March 7, it would make sense for the beta to happen in either December of this year or January of next year. Stick around here at We Write Things for more from our interview with Ubisoft.

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