There have been games that challenge a players ability to think on the fly, particularly in the midst of combat, and Ghost Recon Wildlands hopes to be one of those games. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain did a phenomenal job of testing a player’s improvisational skills, with its open structure and brilliant AI.

Having dynamic and unknown elements at play make a gamer’s experience more unpredictable. Ghost Recon Wildlands is hoping to test your ability to think on your feet. Not only that, but the game will test you and your partner’s ability to work as a team.

There will be many weapons in Wildlands to choose from and Ubisoft believes those will help you play to your strengths as a player. Nouredine Abboud, who is a senior producer on Ghost Recon Wildlands, spoke about this phenomena as well as the value of a creative mind.

“Our progression system is largely focused on equipping the Ghosts with an arsenal that allows them to approach their objectives in the playstyle that players choose. Ghost Recon Wildlands gives you a lot of content to unlock with progression (weapons & gun attachments, plenty of new abilities and different ways to upgrade them, faction progression through the rebellion, etc.) but the key is that as a co-op Shooter we always focus on the player’s skills and creativity. Ghost Recon Wildlands is a game where your ability to improvise is critical,” Abboud said.

In an open-world game where enemies can flood in from all sides, being able to think quickly will be important, as Abboud suggested. The online, multiplayer component of the game will mean players will not only have to be quick on their feet, but communicate effectively as well.

Talking and planning with your teammates will surely make completing a mission far more doable. Players will get a first taste of Ghost Recon Wildlands when the game’s beta hits in the coming months. Ubisoft hasn’t specified a date, but I’d expect the beta in January or even December sometime. Stick around here at We Write Things for more from our interview with Ubisoft.

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