Last year, Nintendo made a significant investment in the mobile space when they purchased the company DeNa. The two have collaborated ever since and this past spring saw the launch of Nintendo’s first smart-device application. Miitomo was and is the name of Nintendo’s first app.

When it released, people all over the world took to it and enjoyed connecting with their friends through Miitomo. Nintendo has been working on improvements to further enhance the Miitomo experience. Today, Nintendo announced a brand-new update, which is available now, and it looks to do just that.

The new update brings about a number of significant changes for users. Among the new features coming to Miitomo are things such as private messages, room customization, style central, answer central, Sidekick Mii characters and functions that make the app more simple to use.

Before we get to private messages, the addition of a Sidekick Mii serves a secondary role compared to your main Mii. Users can create a room just for your Sidekick Mii and can be set to public or private. The maximum limit of Sidekick Mii characters a user can have is 100.

Private messages will be enabled for anyone who is on your friends list. Folks can “set the expression of their Mii” and a Mii character or a Sidekick Mii will serve the message to your friend. Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser (no joke, his last name is Bowser) spoke about the update.

“With its focus on fun and social interactions, Miitomo was the ideal app to signal Nintendo’s entry into the smart-device space. This free update gives users even more ways to have fun with their friends,” Bowser said.

Room customization is also a new feature. This will enable users to add flooring and wallpaper, and some of the latter designs are inspired by brands like Super MarioThe Legend of Zelda and Metroid. You can acquire new wallpaper and flooring choices via the “in-app Miitomo Drop game or by completing in-app actions.” Miifoto images or real-life pictures can decorate a room and each room has a limit of eight posters. “Each poster spot holds one poster and can be purchased individually for 99 cents from the in-game store.”

Nintendo Miitomo‘s new update delivers even more features for users. Here’s a quick summary that was provided by Nintendo for the rest of the features people can look forward to:

  • Style Central: Dressing up in awesome outfits in Miitomo is a big part of the fun. With the new Style Central feature, users can submit up to three of their favorite custom outfits a day to share with other users. These other users can browse the submitted outfits to like them or try them on, and even purchase components without having to visit the in-game shop. By sharing outfits, users receive My Nintendo points that can be redeemed for fun Nintendo rewards. Visit My Nintendo for more information about My Nintendo.
  • Answer Central: One of the main features of Miitomo is answering fun questions and sharing those answers with others. The new Answer Central hub displays a public list of questions and answers that anyone can browse or comment on. This opens up the social interactions to a much wider base.
  • Easier to Use: A new timeline feature allows you to see your friends’ latest answers without the need to speak to other Mii characters. You will also be able to see your friends’ customized rooms

Miitomo’s new update can be downloaded now. Nintendo is getting ready to release their next app in the form of Super Mario Run. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Nintendo.

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