Gamers are now just a matter of days away from the release of Watch Dogs 2. The second iteration in the highly popular open-world action series, which is set in San Francisco, is coming to retailers on Nov. 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Ubisoft sent out a release detailing the content gamers can expect from Watch Dogs 2‘s Season Pass. There are going to be three main DLC releases, plus an in-game content pack and bundle. The first DLC release is the “T-Bone Content Bundle.”

This will be comprised of a new outfit for Marcus to wear, as well as a beast of a truck, which has been created in the spirit of supporting character T-Bone. As you can see in the trailer below, the truck looks pretty badass and is kind of something out of a Twisted Metal game.

The “T-Bone Content Bundle” will also have a brand-new difficulty level. This will deliver a brand-new enemy archetype that wields “advanced weaponry.” The “T-Bone Content Bundle” will be available first to PS4 players on Dec. 13.

Second up on the Season Pass is the DLC named “Human Conditions.” This piece of content will add “several hours” of new gameplay “in three new world stories.” Gamers “will uncover San Francisco’s biggest scandals on the cutting edge of science, medicine and misuse.”

Co-op is also going to be embellished even further with new elite co-op missions coming to the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass. Players will fight against the new enemy type Jammer. This foe has tech that hunts down players, so you’ll have to be on your game to survive. “Human Conditions” will launch this coming Spring 2017.

Finally, the last major piece of content is “No Compromise.” This will deliver a new world story where Marcus heads to the grimy “underbelly of SF.” Bring your vodka because Marcus will be facing off against the Russian mafia.

“No Compromise” will also give co-op another boost via the new co-op mode “Showdown.” This mode ensures “only the best players will get to survive.” Watch Dogs 2’s final major content drop “Showdown” will also launch Spring 2017.

Season Pass holders will also gain access to the Psychedelic Pack and the Root Access Bundle. The former brings a groovy touch to Marcus’s outfit, weapon, drone and car. The latter adds “full sets of outfits, new cars, a drone skin and a new weapon.” Gamers will also enjoy the Zodiac Killer mission.

If you pick up Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition, then it’ll run you $99.99 and you’ll gain access to the Season Pass. This means the Season Pass is roughly $30 total. Should you purchase the DLC separately, that will run you roughly $40 total. Food for thought.

Watch Dogs 2‘s DLC will come to PS4 gamers first, and there’s a 30-day exclusive period on it before the content hits other platforms. Watch Dogs 2 will release this coming Nov. 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Watch Dogs 2.

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