Guinness is far and away best known for its marquee stout, which is simply known as Guinness. The beer industry has gone through a serious change over the past decade, thanks to the emergence of craft beer. Small breweries popping up all over the world have brought the art of beer to the forefront.

As a result, large breweries have had to adjust to the change in the marketplace. Beer drinkers now demand more variety in the beer they pick up, and breweries like Guinness are responding to this trend in a great way.

Recently, Guinness created The Brewers Project, which is an area where beers outside of Guinness Stout can be crafted. These ales fit within the craft beer portfolio, which has become remarkably popular. Through this December, Guinness released a Rye Pale Ale as well as the Antwerpen Stout.

Each of these beers helps diversify the Guinness portfolio. Depending on your palate, I would highly recommend each of these. Let’s start by talking about the Rye Pale Ale. This beer stretches across a wide palate range thanks to the rye malt, grapefruit and citrus flavors.

The Rye Pale Ale doesn’t just have a standalone palate, it has a few. For hop heads who are looking for their fix via a unique Pale Ale, while still experiencing something different, the Rye Pale Ale is perfect for you. This is an excellent showcase of two distinct tastes pairing up for one complex flavor.

If I were looking for a pale ale with some personality, then the Rye Pale Ale is what I would reach for. It has the persona of a traditional pale, while still introducing complexity with the rye. Balance is key and this RPA stands firm in its presentation.

Next up is the Antwerpen Stout. You might think it’s odd for Guinness to have created another stout, seeing as their flagship is a stout. However, Antwerpen is a much bolder, challenging stout than the company’s marquee stout. Intense is a word you could use to describe the type of palate you’ll find.

Initially, the palate is greeted with the creamy smoothness I find in a lot of stouts. From there, the roasted malt and smoked wood make for a very bold and intense finish. Coffee is easily the strongest note I can report back with from my tasting. Dark beer drinkers who are looking for a challenge will enjoy the Antwerpen, however, if you are looking for a light and smooth stout, stick with regular Guinness.

Drinkability is always something I enjoy talking about because it’s so essential to beer selection and when you drink it. In the case of the Rye Pale Ale, I do feel there is a fair to above average drinkability. It would easily be a dinner beer where you could have multiple pints of it. On the other hand, Antwerpen Stout is a bold beer that will take its toll on your palate over time. I recommend a low drinkability with the stout, as one pint will definitely be enough for your palate.

Overall, I’m a fan of both beers because they bring something different, while still trying to push forward within their given style. Guinness didn’t play it safe with these beers, and they are a fine example of the brewery trying to establish their own identity within craft beer, while not giving into the current trends of craft beer (i.e. grapefruit IPAs, straight up coffee stouts, etc.). Stick around here at We Write Things for more on craft beer.

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