Have you ever had the chance to see what 4K looks like? Have you ever had the chance to see what HDR looks like? While both are technical improvements, only one of them showcases noticeable differences when compared with regular high-definition (HD).

Microsoft and Sony are bringing out Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro, respectively, and they are the big bets for the 4K/HDR revolution. Gamers are eager to experience the difference between regular HD and 4K/HDR.

There certainly is an improvement between regular HD and 4K. When you go to a store and compare two TVs side-by-side, you can see the difference. However, the change is not as big as when you compare HDR to regular HD. We Write Things had the opportunity to speak with Michael Goodman, who is the director of digital media strategies at Strategy Analytics, about where the tangible difference is found between 4K/HDR.

“I would argue that the 4K side is less relevant. When you add HDR into it, you can definitely tell the difference. At a certain point, you can keep adding pixels, but it just doesn’t matter. [With HDR], you can change the brightness of the colors and improve the contrast. You can see a marked difference. To me, HDR is the important point, not 4K. 4K is nice, but HDR is really nice,” Goodman said.

The difference gamers will see when they play a game on a 4K/HDR capable console and TV will be there. However, it’s not going to be the same type of jump we saw from standard-definition to high-definition. Changes will take time as will the amount of people who own 4K/HDR TVs.

“Both [Microsoft and Sony] are putting a lot of their eggs in the 4K/HDR basket. In the long-run, that’s a good place to make because that’s where the marketplace will be. However, this year, next year, HDR is just entering the marketplace. It’ll be a number of years before a significant amount of the market has 4K/HDR TVs,” Goodman said.

Folks looking to pick up a 4K/HDR TV this holiday should be on the lookout for deals. They are out there, but remember the bigger the TV you buy, the higher refresh rate the TV will need.

A 55″ 4K/HDR TV for $500 seems like a good deal, but it isn’t really if it only has a 60HZ refresh rate. The rate should be at least 120HZ, otherwise 60HZ will have some extremely blurry imaging. Food for thought. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games.

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