Switch is the next home console coming from the longtime gaming giant Nintendo. The system was announced just a matter of days ago, and is slated for a March release. The console will be a hybrid home console and mobile device, something Microsoft’s Project Scorpio likely won’t be and something Sony’s PS4 Pro definitely isn’t.

The next time Nintendo will be ready to reveal new information about Switch will be this January. They confirmed a special Nintendo Switch Presentation, which will commence on Jan. 12, 2017. A global livestream will be hosted so gamers from all over the world can witness Nintendo’s event.

Release date and pricing for Nintendo Switch will be confirmed at the event, in addition to the lineup of games currently in development. All of this and more will be shown just a matter of weeks prior to Nintendo Switch’s official launch. Some folks may be concerned about the lateness of the event, but its timing couldn’t be more refreshing.

We live in a day and age when games are announced years before their actual release dates. Systems like PlayStation VR and Project Scorpio were revealed well over a year before their respective launches. While it is nice to have suspense built up for a new platform, sometimes it is nice for a company to tell us everything we need to know and then move on.

With only a handful of weeks separating Nintendo Switch’s January event and its launch, the time in between will be quick. There won’t be this long, drawn out, 2 year waiting period where gamers hear the name and specs of a console and then stand idle, looking forward to one month passing after another.

Nintendo is taking a far more deliberate approach to how they’re marketing Switch. Just over a week ago, Nintendo dropped the reveal trailer for Nintendo Switch, and since then, not much else has been said. For those who haven’t seen the trailer, you can check it out below:

As much as I loved Microsoft’s E3 presentation and the excitement it generated, it is getting a bit old hearing about how great Scorpio is when the thing likely won’t even launch for over a year from now. It seems as though that won’t be an issue with Switch though.

Nintendo has promised to lift up the kimono, as it were, and show us the pricing and release date for Switch. We will also get a chance to learn what games will be coming to the system. Additional accessories are going to be confirmed for Switch as well, and this couldn’t be more refreshing to hear.

There’s no waiting game. No gradual leak of information, interview by interview. Well, that might still happen. But from all signs, Nintendo is going to reveal it all this coming January.

Gamers have one date to look forward to, there’s no mystery. It’s remarkably exciting to know questions will be answered, more or less, all during one event. We’ll all have the chance to experience the console over the weeks that follow, and then the system will launch.

This is a vastly different approach from the one they took with the Wii U. The first trailer was shown off during E3 2011 and then the system wasn’t launched until winter 2012. Nintendo clearly wants to do something different with Switch and they are showing it.

In this seemingly endless cycle of news and information, it seems like gamers finally won’t be subjected to a faucet leak’s worth of details we usually see with games these days. Nintendo Switch will be fully revealed and then it’ll launch. What a concept.

A game can be hurt by the often times crazy hype cycle that arises with some titles. Nintendo Switch being fully unveiled in January means the best chance for that not to happen.

Things can always change, particularly when it comes to something as major as a new console launch. However, Nintendo’s initial plan for the Switch seems to be on target for achieving effect messaging and consume interest. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Nintendo Switch.

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