Infinity Ward is taking Call of Duty beyond anywhere previous installments have taken it. Space will be where a majority of Infinite Warfare‘s action takes place. The game’s story will head into the solar system and looks to showcase a never type of combat.

This will be yet another major leap forward for the Call of Duty franchise. Previous iterations have implemented the boost jump into gameplay, and this year’s iteration brings things even further. The grapple hook will be a key feature in the single player campaign.

Being able to move fluidly throughout each environment in Infinite Warfare will be central. Infinity Ward wants to make sure players are always in the middle of the action. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Infinity Ward’s Eric Monacelli spoke about what will make Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare standout more than any other shooter that releases this fall.

“We have created a gripping and emotional campaign that raises the bar and should set new high watermarks for our studio, and hopefully, the franchise. Our Multiplayer and Zombies offerings are fresh, unique, and tailored to maximize fun and player choice. That theme of player choice, or player agency, is the one of the key overarching motifs in Infinite Warfare. Nowhere is this more obvious than in our setting.

“Our solar system is a largely uncharted, wild, dangerous yet uplifting, hopeful, and positive place. Taking the war into the vast reaches of our black sky afforded us a setting where the grounded, gritty, hallmark Call of Duty military action could stand out in new ways – Jackal dogfighting, zero-g combat, future tech, to name a few. The setting, the player agency, the narrative fiction plus the silky smooth Call of Duty gameplay makes for an outstanding, best-in-class shooter,” Monacelli said.

Gamers got a taste of zero-g combat during Sony’s E3 press briefing. Activision showcased a mission where the player fought in the open gaps of space. It’s likely that more areas such as the one we saw during E3 will be showcased in the game’s single player campaign.

Activision and Infinity Ward are looking for this year’s iteration to take the franchise to new heights. This year’s iteration will be launching this coming Nov. 4 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for the full exclusive from our chat with Infinity Ward.

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