Ubisoft is in the process of finishing up Watch Dogs 2, a game that has been in development for several years. The franchise first made its mark in 2014, and it is now that two and a half years later its second iteration will debut.

Watch Dogs 2 feels like a game that has a chance to accomplish far more than its original. The sequel has the benefit of learning from the past. It can also improve upon what may have left fans wanting in the first game. Ubisoft knows what the first game did well and from the looks of things, Watch Dogs 2 has made the necessary improvements.

When you think about what qualifies a title to be considered a Game of the Year candidate, a lot of outside factors play into that. How gamers view a brand is a big part of that, as is the overall feeling surrounding a game.

When you think about a number of things, Watch Dogs 2 feels like a game that could sweep the fall from the rest. The fact that Watch Dogs 2 has not endured any delays, and it has been a silky smooth transition from when the game was announced to this point today, is a very reassuring truth.

There haven’t been any delays and that has kept the cynical frame of mind gamers had about the first Watch Dogs away from this second game. The short RTL cycle (6 months) for Watch Dogs 2 ensures gamers are ready for more from the game. That is different from them being burnt out on it, something folks felt a bit of with the first game.

There aren’t the same complaints and theories out there that Ubisoft “downgraded” the game from its reveal to now. Watch Dogs 2‘s visuals now versus when it was revealed earlier this summer are pretty much the same. Consistent visuals have also been paired with a consistent tone.

Watch Dogs 2 seems to be about fun and turning the world into your own personal playground. Being creative with gameplay and using the hacking abilities at your disposal are the brushes you’ll use to paint your masterpiece.

The first Watch Dogs had a more serious tone about it, and Ubisoft has obviously lightened things up a bit. With the setting now in San Francisco and a new star in the fold, Watch Dogs 2 seems poised to balance the grit with the goofiness.

The aforementioned new star is Marcus Holloway, who is a member of Dedsec and a leader of the hacking movement. He, along with a very eclectic group of friends, are working to takedown ctOS 2.0. The narrative does seem to have serious points to it, however, the game isn’t being sold as the ultra gritty action game that the first one was.

This year’s sequel is something people don’t see coming and that’s where the game will benefit. Everything Watch Dogs 2 does have going for it, and everything it doesn’t, makes it a game that could steal the Game of the Year spotlight. Watch Dogs 2 launches this coming Nov. 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on the series.

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