Oasis went from obscurity to arguably the biggest band in the world in a whirlwind couple of years. Their implosion happened just as rapidly and has since become the stuff of rock-and-roll legend, not least because the central figures in all of that conflict are brothers.

In Oasis: Supersonic, director Mat Whitecross (working with the producers of Amy) gains incredible access to all of the main players and dedicates himself to the story of their meteoric rise and everything that led up to their combative dynamic. If it’s surprising that Noel and Liam Gallagher agreed to the picture in the first place, it is even more so to discover how much early footage there is of the band. So much so that it actually came as a shocker to the band. As it turns out, fans were gathering footage, even when the fellas thought “no one believed in them,” and that base was exceptionally generous to Whitecross as he assembled the picture.

The larger story that unfolds is familiar to anyone who is familiar with the band, or even the decisive nature of fame and success and money in general. But, the intimate details, enriched with commentary are the most captivating element of the picture. Add to the “Behind the Music” vibe a killer soundtrack and you have an experience that should speak to music fans, casual listeners and devotees on a universal level, even if completists may balk at the choice of stopping point.  If you’re interested at all, seek it out and get caught up in that sweet Champagne Supernova elixir one more time.

Oasis: Supersonic is screening in theaters for one night only on Oct. 26, so see it while you can. Of course, it’s bound to show-up in a VOD format, but if you crave the big screen, act now.

Oasis: Supersonic
Director: Mat Whitecross
Runtime: 2h 2mins
Rating: R
Release Date: Oct. 26.

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