2K Games released Mafia 3 this past Friday. Gamers across the world have had the chance to experience the game and so have we. There are many activities and things for players to do in Mafia 3 and We Write Things wanted to provide some examples. Below are three videos that showcase different aspects of the game, starting with an early main mission.

The above video is the mission where the player must find Richie Doucet. This is the beginning of Lincoln’s bloody path to revenge and it gives a good look at stealth gameplay. Mafia 3 is a cover-based game and you can see this in the video above. Hangar 13 has given players plenty of ways to be creative with gameplay. An example of this is a Screaming Zemi Doll, which Lincoln can toss and enemies are drawn to it.

These items are key particularly during areas where you can’t easily slip by enemies. The above mission is a good example of that, but you’ll encounter plenty of other instances like it.

Next, gamers will have to break up rackets that are running all around New Bordeaux. There are various missions you need to complete before going after the head man in charge. The below video is an example of the latter and “Four Finger” Charlie Kincaid is a character you’ll encounter early on.

Gamers will need to decide who they want on their side and who they want to kill. The above video is an example of this. When you confront Kincaid and interrogate him, you have two options. Players can either kill him or they can have him join their ranks. The latter is a more beneficial options for the long-term, but the former is somewhat gratifying too.

Finally, you may notice throughout your time in New Bordeaux that citizens are responsible, if you will. The vast majority of the time you break into a car and steal it, citizens nearby will be alerted and rush to call the cops on you. I found this to be a funny occurrence, particularly with how Lincoln handles these situations. As a result, I give you our final video: “Don’t Call The Cops On Lincoln Clay In Mafia 3.”

Mafia 3 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Mafia 3, and that includes our review.

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