We’re going to be getting back to the moody world of noir soon, very soon, at least as long as I have something to say about it. But first, we stop to celebrate a marvelous occurance. Annemarie now knows why it’s impossible not to grin on hearing “And four and three and two and one, one!” That’s right, we binged Broad City, and we laughed ourselves to tears a number of times. Pro-tip: If you’re having a frustrating day at work, grab an empty conference room at lunch and fire up ye old Hulu at lunch. Turn these two on and everything will be better.


B: AM, I think it’s a pretty moot point on this one, but tradition is tradition. Why did I pick Broad City? Also, side note, this is the first TV selection I’ve made, now I am officially multi-faceted, yeah?

A: You’re so diverse. It’s officially tough to make the time to watch an entire series for Required Viewing, which is why we had just a selected amount of episodes for Broad City. A sampler platter, if you will. Something to whet your appetite for the funniness that abounds.

You picked Broad City because it’s fucking hilarious, and also because Abbi and Ilana are our New York crazy Jewish alter egos. They say the things we wish we could, but don’t. I’m more empowered than ever to just say the non-PC thing I wish I could say, but I also can’t duck out of work like Ilana does. That girl’s a damn expert at getting paid to do nothing.


Bit of a character breakdown. Abbi is neurotic but is pretty nervous about what people think of her. Ilana wears nothing over her midriff, ever, and gives zero shits about what people think of her. Ilana and her mom going Chinatown counterfeit purse shopping was my favorite part because you see exactly where she gets it from.

Brooke, am I correct? What’s your favorite character moment? Would you ever wear anything Ilana wears? And also, how similar are the Real Abbi and Ilana to the Show Abbi and Ilana?

B: You’re right on as to the why. These two are hilarious and total squad goals. No matter how ridiculous their antics, their is always a grain of truth and it is hella relatable. We should make it our goal to let ourselves off the chain and let our alter-egos fly.

My favorite character moment has to be a toss-up between ALL-CAPS ABBI at the Soulstice Games — if you don’t know us, AM and I are also ALL CAPS in most games, but especially Celebrity. I also adore any and all of Ilana’s emotional outbursts. The celebrations at Abbi’s news of pegging, Lincoln’s news of sleeping with a different girl, and her love affair with Vanessa Williams as “Misses Hot Lady” stand out particularly clearly in my mind.

Dancing Broads

I don’t think I have the swagger to pull off any of Ilana’s outfits, I’d be more likely to roll up in Abbi’s 2004 looks. I think show Abbi and Ilana are definitely amped up versions of the real thing. They are exaggerated for comedic effect, but everything is so resonant it has to come from a place of truth.

Let’s talk about all of the wacky supporting characters, because they are amazing.

A: Lincoln is the BEST. He’s also hilarious the best hookup partner a girl could wish for. Also, Abbi’s roommate’s boyfriend is the WORST and the perfect awful forced roommate one could hope to never have.


Ilana’s emotional outbursts are so hard to track, which makes them all the better. You have no idea where she’s going with it until the end, and that’s a perfect flip on the “emotional, irrational girl” trope. Another favorite moment is the Broads (is that what we call them?) reacting perfectly to Hilary Clinton in person. Of course the Waving Arm Man is actually a Waving Arm Woman. And she really does amp up the ambiance of the office!

We are so good at Celebrity. I don’t even need to get ALL-CAPS ABBI on anyone’s ass, it’s really more of a channeling the right answer from my brain to your brain. Through intense eye stares.

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever loved anything as much as Ilana loves Abbi’s ass. What other side characters am I missing? I’ve never lived in New York, but I’ve visited and I love how exaggerated but real the moments are, especially having to trek out to the outskirts of the city just to pick up a package for a neighbor you have a crush on (I don’t have real experience here, but I can imagine how that would be a thing that would happen in New York).

Brooke, do you have FOMO? Have we found a party that reaches Narnia yet?

FOMO Broad City

B: We can’t forget Ilana’s amazing roommate Jaime, Abbi’s boss Trey and Ilana’s put-upon boss Todd. They don’t show up as often as our beloved Lincoln or that menace Bevers, but they are always a sign of great things to come. Especially when it involves the Broads ditching out of work. Should we try to use some of them to get out of work ourselves? Maybe not that we have a tapeworm in our butts, but one of the other ones for sure.

I wish I loved anything as much as Ilana loves Abbi’s ass, or at least as much as she loves weed, but alas. Their friendship is so amazing. You know they always have each other’s backs, even if it means swapping outfits and working at a really hardcore co-op for a day or stealthily removing a poo from an apartment.

Yas Queen Yas

I definitely do get some FOMO, nothing like Ilana’s, but if I ever find out you have a secret Val inside of you I will be supes jelly. And also amazed, because Val is amazing.

Any closing thoughts, AM? Will you watch the rest of the series?

A: Oh Bevers! What an awful situation to have a roomie’s boyfriend always there, eating your food and generally being a nuisance when you’re trying to mack on your cute neighbor. Makes me wonder why Abbi and Ilana don’t live together? Maybe they do in later seasons? Mystery!

It is pretty amazing the lengths these two Broads will go for each other, and I’m game to try to get out of work using some of their excuses (tapeworm excluded, of course). I also do wonder how much of the dialogue is improvised here, given the nature of the quick pacing and random nature of most of what’s said. We also made a note about how much of the comedy is reactions and non-verbal, which makes it feel more like a stage play than a sitcom.

I’ll definitely continue to watch. It’s delightfully inappropriate to watch at work, so that’s what we’ve been doing, and I know the Broads would be so so proud of us.

Next time, we return to LC’s world as we move to LA with her. “The rest is still unwritten…”

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