Mafia 3 is only a matter of days away from launching worldwide. It is a game that’s been one of my most anticipated since 2015. The game will take players into the fictional world of New Bordeaux, which is based off of the city of New Orleans.

Lincoln Clay will be the star of the show and he’ll have some pretty big scores to settle. 2K Games is arguably relying on Mafia 3 to be their big game of the fall, even though they also have the massive release of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI hot on the heels of Mafia 3’s release.

Clay will be a unique character and Hangar 13 is very confident in the performance he’ll deliver. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Haden Blackman, who is the studio head and creative director at Hangar 13, talked about Lincoln Clay and how no one measures up to him.

“We’re very focused on telling Lincoln’s story, and crafting a game that allows the player to make some hard decisions in order to co-author the overall experience. For me personally, I feel that one of the great strengths of games is the ability to put players into the shoes of a character that they can’t actually be in real life, and we’ve tried hard to let you become Lincoln Clay, who is unlike any other character in games,” Blackman said.

Lincoln Clay taking aim at his enemies (Courtesy of 2K Games).
Lincoln Clay taking aim at his enemies (Courtesy of 2K Games).

Lincoln Clay may turn out to be one of the most unique protagonists we’ve seen, and I’d also toss out that New Bordeaux is like a city we’ve never seen before. The time period helps make both of these elements special and the same can be said for Mafia 3‘s supporting cast.

Whether you are a long-running fan of the Mafia series or you’ve never experienced the game before, Hangar 13 believes the game has plenty of surprises. Blackman spoke about the things he believes will surprise long-time fans and newcomers the most.

“I think that fans of the Mafia series might be surprised by the level of freedom we’ve introduced to the franchise with Mafia III. If you’ve never played a Mafia game before, hopefully you’re surprised by our attention to detail and the quality of the narrative.

“For those who love game mechanics, you might be surprised by the quality of the open world combat; we really were dedicated to creating a true cover-based shooter in a complete open world environment complete with traffic and pedestrians. And hopefully everyone is surprised by the Sitdowns, which are perhaps my favorite part of the game. The decisions you make in those moments really do have meaningful consequences,” Blackman said.

Mafia 3 will launch this coming Friday, Oct. 7 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around for more on Mafia here at We Write Things.

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