Dontnod Entertainment is working on the upcoming RPG Vampyr. The game is set to launch sometime during 2017, and could steal the spotlight next year. An experience that will weigh decision-making heavy on the minds of players, Vampyr will make you think before you kill.

Combat has been a bit of a mystery when talking to Dontnod about Vampyr, however, they’ve finally shed some light on the system. Gamers will be able to engage in combat via melee and ranged weapons. The combat seems more like the system you’d find in The Witcher than anything else.

As you attack and avoid incoming ones, protagonist Jonathan Reid fills his Blood Gauge. Once full, gamers can release powerful vampire attacks such as impaling enemies on a spike, draining their blood from afar and more. As Jonathan’s vampire side takes over his human side, you will be able to unlock new spells and abilities.

Dontnod calls their skill tree a non-linear one, and new abilities and attacks can be equipped in any order. There won’t be any set archetypes for players to be chained to as you’ll establish your own. This gives players a wonderful element of choice, and I think the experience will be better off for it.

There are two ways you can evolve skills. Take Spring for example. It is a skill that enables Jonathan to rush an enemy from afar. Spring can be evolved to either land area-of-effect damage or provide momentary invincibility.

Something that is extremely important to note is that your actions will dictate combat difficulty. Feeding on the blood of civilians acquires massive XP and makes combat more simpler, however, higher danger on the streets and story consequences will come up as a result. There are no right or wrong choices, only your own. If you are wondering, players can avoid combat all together if they are tactful enough.

“Players will have to investigate who to feed from, and who to spare, conscious of their need to increase their strength. Jonathan’s Vampire impulses will always be working against his human side,” Dontnod wrote.

Combat sure sounds intriguing and that fits perfectly with the game’s dark setting. Having consequences for your actions in combat yield dark results pairs nicely with the dark world.

The 1918 London setting feels quite dark and I believe it will help accentuate what Dontnod is trying to capture. The power of choice. When I take a look at the ingredients that are coming together for Vampyr, it’s hard not to think this game could be the big sleeper hit of 2017.

Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive are the duo that is in the process of creating Vampyr. While we do not have a release date to share yet, we do know the game is coming sometime next year. Vampyr will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around for more on Vampyr here at We Write Things.

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