Since the PS4 launched in 2013, Sony has enjoyed a large amount of success with its new system. It has sold more than any other gaming console since that time, and PS4 has revolutionized the way we look at console gaming.

However, it has not always been a rosy experience for the folks at Sony. You might remember the PSN hacks that rocked the gaming industry a few years back, and that is still a topic to this day. Security has improved since the dreaded hacks that put millions of consumer accounts in jeopardy.

At the time of the hacks, executives at Sony wanted to speak up and apologize for what was happening with PSN, but big companies don’t always work the way you want them to. Jack Tretton, who is a former PlayStation executive at Sony, spoke about what the climate was like at Sony during the time when PlayStation Network was hacked and millions of accounts were compromised.

“When you work for a large company and there’s a lot at stake, there’s what you want to say and what you can say. One of the frustrating things was the inability to really respond in any great degree to the gamers, which comes off as indifference. Once everything was ultimately resolved, I really took it upon myself to apologize to the gamers prior to E3 or in my E3 presentation.

“That wasn’t scripted. That wasn’t approved. That was just something I personally wanted to say because I thought they were owed an apology. It obviously wasn’t intentional. It was very damaging for everybody involved, but thank God the company got through it and ultimately gamers forgave [Sony] to a large degree,” Tretton told IGN.

Tretton has since moved on from Sony, but he is a face that many of you will remember as one of those who helped launch PS4. This generation has been a very profitable one for Sony and they are looking to capitalize on PS4’s success with the upcoming arrival of its mid-generation upgrade, PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro is Sony’s 4K gaming answer to Project Scorpio, which Microsoft will launch during holiday 2017. PS4 Pro arrives this November for the price of $399. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on PlayStation.

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