Developers do a fine job of injecting personality and originality into the worlds they create. We’ve seen this in countless games and we are seeing it again in Horizon Zero Dawn.

It is a game that has great allure to its world and characters. Guerrilla Games has very much crafted the speech you’ll hear so that it reflects modern dialogue. You may have thought that since Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a futuristic past that characters would have foreign dialogue or accents, but that’s not the case.

Guerrilla Games has chosen to keep the speech you hear in Horizon Zero Dawn straight forward and modern. Horizon Zero Dawn lead writer John Gonzalez discussed the process they took with writing the game’s dialogue.

“Our approach when writing the dialogue of the game was actually to stress making it as accessible as possible. We really wanted to avoid having our characters speak in high elvish in the sense that everyone has this very ornate way of speaking. That’s something you’ll see in the dialogue of trailers and such. Aloy pretty much speaks like a 21st century American. That’s intentional.

A tribe moving through the mountains (Courtesy of SIE).
A tribe moving through the mountains (Courtesy of SIE).

“Within the world of the game, we basically imagine that the people that you’re interacting with are speaking English. That’s the main language that is being spoken. There is a reason for why that is the case and it is buried in the backstory of the game.

“I suppose with so much time having passed and this were the hard, hard, hardcore science fiction, then we would’ve had English drift into some kind of other shape. That would’ve really violated the kind of accessibility we wanted. We wanted people to have the lowest possible barriers. [This would help them] project their imaginations into the world and experience it as Aloy,” Gonzalez told GI.

Contrast is at the heart of the images and scenes we all have seen from Horizon Zero Dawn. Whether it is the landscape, creatures, characters or weapons, Horizon Zero Dawn is undeniably unique.

Guerrilla Games was originally hoping to release the upcoming PS4 exclusive this fall, but circumstances have pushed it into 2017. Gamers will finally get their hands on Horizon Zero Dawn on Feb. 28, 2017.

The game is coming to PS4 Pro and PS4 when it launches next year. Stick around for more on Horizon Zero Dawn here at We Write Things.

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