The gaming industry goes through trends, sees new innovations and evolves all at the same time. Virtual Reality is an evolving platform with new experiences shaping it. 4K gaming will be no different and Project Scorpio feels like it’ll be a driver of 4K innovation.

Microsoft has already begun its mission to champion HDR-gaming with Xbox One S. The system is available now and continues to sell well. 4K gaming is the next frontier for Microsoft to conquer and Project Scorpio could be the tech to do it.

While Project Scorpio is going to launch next holiday, Microsoft’s commitment to 4K is real. Microsoft’s Albert Penello talked about how they did not decide to make last minute changes to Project Scorpio’s specs and that they’ve been thinking about 4K all along.

“Microsoft’s point of view on this is, the story is told in the product we’re shipping. We had to make those decisions long ago. So it’s funny how much people think we act or react to what Sony’s doing. But this decision was locked a long time ago. And it largely was driven on two things: one, a personal belief in 4K. This will be an interesting that the next time you and I chat we can continue to have.

“We don’t sign up for every media format change. There has been a lot of SmartTV stuff and 3D, and they didn’t really set the world on fire. I really believe in 4K and HDR. I have one myself. I thought I was going to regret it. I think it’s as meaningful an upgrade as it was going from SD to HD, when you start seeing the native 4K content. And so we were just really bullish on it,” Penello told Eurogamer.

That’s a pretty serious admission to make that 4K and HDR are like making the leap from SD to HD. Not everyone has had the chance to experience the difference, but those who have certainly are believers in the tech.

Microsoft has viewed Project Scorpio with a wide lens and as things sit now, they seem to have made correct choices on what the system will emphasize and what it won’t. There is still much to learn about Project Scorpio, but what is known now is exciting.

Project Scorpio will launch during the holiday period of 2017. Xbox One S is available now for those looking for something sooner. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Project Scropio.

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