Quantum Break was released during the first half of this year and was met with mixed feelings from gamers. While the game seems to have satisfied Microsoft’s expectations, it has driven developer Remedy Entertainment to take a step back.

The company employed a major live-action element in Quantum Break, and while it was an interesting concept, it never full resonated with players. Remedy is shifting its focus in a new direction and its new games seem like they will benefit.

Remedy has yet to speak about what its next game is. Many fans are hoping for a sequel to Alan Wake, but they aren’t given much indication. Tero Virtala, who is the CEO at Remedy Entertainment, talked about Quantum Break and what they’re looking at for future games.

“But in addition, we will definitely focus on making even more depth to allow for longer gameplay time. One of the important things that makes this possible is the learnings from the long Quantum Break project, but also the technology and tools that we now have are in a completely different state – our teams can do things from the start of these projects that were not possible when we started Quantum Break. Taking all this into account, we are able to do, with smaller teams, equal quality to what we have managed so far,” Virtala told MCV.

Quantum Break launched this past April 5 for Xbox One and Windows 10 (Courtesy of Microsoft).
Quantum Break launched this past April 5 for Xbox One and Windows 10 (Courtesy of Microsoft).

Quantum Break was a relatively short experience when compared with other AAAs out there. The title placed great emphasis on choice for gamers, and those decisions impacted some elements of the story. It certainly was the studio’s desire for choices to have consequences, but no matter what, they really weren’t that impactful for the ultimate ending.

Many folks see a future where Remedy goes into Hollywood with a more direct path. Remedy says they are committed to making great games, and it seems like a priority for them. However, even Virtala says the live-action element will be in future Remedy games.

“It is possible that there are other entertainment opportunities for Remedy, but that’s not the priority for us. When you specifically talk about live action, maybe in the next games there will be less live action, it will most likely play some role, but what form that will take we can’t yet talk about,” Virtala said.

Quantum Break is available now for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on the video games industry.

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