Last night, I put my reporter hat* back on. And it got pretty meta.

I attended an HBO- and Dish-sponsored Denver Startup Week Q&A panel featuring Silicon Valley actress Suzanne Cryer and writer/producer Adam Countee, moderated by Foundry Group Co-Founder and Managing Director Seth Levine.

Suzanne Cryer in Silicon Valley
Photo by John P. Johnson, Courtesy of HBO.

Silicon Valley is a consistently hilarious show, so it was no surprise that Cryer** and Countee were hilarious in their own right — shows like this tend to hire and nurture funny people, no surprise. The panel discussion jumped from insider information about the creation of the show (Cryer and TJ Miller’s characters are supposed to hook up in season 4?!) and how that reflects the real world of the real Silicon Valley. Cryer said a few times that creators Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky are doing social commentary and they’re reacting to a real time in a real place. That’s why, even though the diversity has been criticized, it’s more a criticism about how White Male dominated the tech industry really is in Northern California.

Things got meta, though, when Countee brought up that he’d been a fan of the show’s first two seasons and it was really cool to be able to work on the show now. And now I’m writing about him saying that he was a fan of a show. Not exactly sparkling social commentary, but it’s an opportunity for me to put my stamp on a specific time and a specific place — just like the show.

I think that’s also true of what startups in general are doing (We Write Things can be generally considered a startup since we’re certainly unfunded and we’re doing whatever the hell we want as a result). Startups take a thing they’re a fan of, or enjoy, or want to fix, and build a business around it to address the thing. We decided to create We Write Things because we like a lot of stuff and we have things to say about it. We want people to read it and react to it and continue to go down the meta rabbit hole.

So keep on commentating and pushing the conversation forward. We know we certainly will try to do that, and we hope our readers (whoever you are!) will as well.

*Side Note: I actually own a reporter “Press” hat my grandmother gave me upon college graduation… that I didn’t wear… #fail

**Side Side Note: Cryer is my favorite. Not only is she quick on the draw in a panel discussion scenario, she’s really, really well versed in the world in which her character lives. She knows off-hand the stat of how many girls fall off in STEM classes from early elementary school to college and beyond, and knows that her voice in this fight and challenge is key. Kudos.

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