Sony and Microsoft are both readying their strategies for how they will market their mid-generation console upgrades. Gamers know about PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio, but how they’ll fit into the current console ecosystem remains to be a mystery.

Microsoft has stated they will reveal more regarding Project Scorpio later down the line, but questions need to be asked in the meantime. Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro could both change how consoles are sold. This could come across in a number of different models presumably being sold to gamers.

Think about it. Would you be more likely to adopt a console if you had three or four different PS4 or Xbox One options to choose from? Michael Goodman, who is the director of digital media strategies at Strategy Analytics, sat down with We Write Things to talk about how stratification of consoles could just be getting started.

“Timing-wise from a consumer behavior perspective, they are more comfortable with the idea that hardware gets upgraded more frequently. It’s just as a general principle. Particularly for a market that consoles are targeting are used to that. I think price points are going to be important as it applies to that.

“Another thing we’re going to see occurring in the marketplace that we haven’t seen before in the console market is the stratification of the marketplace. We have had different bundling and there’s been a little bit of playing around with SKUs, but we’ve never really been to the point where we have this stratification of here’s the entry-level product and here is the premium product. When asked for Scorpio, we’re going to have a clear stratification of the marketplace, which has some interesting implications to begin with,” Goodman said.

In theory, this could open up some interesting possibilities into how gamers, core and casual, adopt the PS4 and Xbox One. If there are a number of options, the lowest of which sits around say $199 and the highest sits around $599, then the console marketplace could be looking at some real growth.

I would add the caveat that in theory there would be several options in between the $199 and $599 SKUs. However, even if it is a total of three, four or even five different console models, that opens up the space for more rapid adoption. A lot of people purchase consoles based on when the slim model, or reduced in price model, debuts and we are already seeing those models earlier than usual.

You would think a $199 PS4 or Xbox One would be killer and that gamers of all levels of interest would adopt sooner than later. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the PlayStation Meeting gets underway at 12 p.m. PT. Stick around here at We Write Things for more video games goodness.

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