Sour beer has been a rising style for quite a long time now, and Maverick & Gose sits as Second Self Beer Company’s sour option for beer drinkers. Another type of sour beer you might recognize is the Berliner Weisse. Compared to some of the Berliners and other sour types I’ve had though, Maverick & Gose is an excellent option for those looking for a subtle sour.

If you were to line-up the different degrees of sour and have a person try each of them, you’d get some polarizing results. As someone who has a particular love of sour beer, I can appreciate sours, both strong and less intense. When I look at the Maverick & Gose, I see a sour that is firm in its taste, but doesn’t try to challenge or alienate you with it either.

Gose ales are thought of as an unusual type of beer due to it being brewed with partially salted water as well as yeast and a lactic bacteria. Maverick & Gose though presents a mild sour beer, with a surprising level of drinkability. When sour beers are thought of, drinkability is one of the last words that comes to mind, however, Maverick & Gose bucks that assumption.

While salt is a term Second Self uses to partly describe the Gose, I’d say that most of the palate is dominated by the sour taste. Again though, it’s not an overwhelming sour palate.

Maverick & Gose possesses coriander, an ingredient that is usually found in a Gose, and is dry-hopped with Wakatu hops. These hops provide a bit of the fruity characteristic within the Maverick & Gose, and is responsible for toning down the overall sour flavor.

As I take a look at the Maverick & Gose though, it’s a very drinkable beer that could serve as a great gateway for many beer drinkers to become more familiar with sour beers. It can be a very intimidating beer type for some, but the Maverick & Gose will help the beer type seem more accessible.

This is a beer that you can certainly enjoy during the warmer months of the year, perhaps during a tailgate prior to a football game, if you feel so inclined. Second Self Beer Company recommends pairing the Maverick with grilled grouper, oysters, guacamole, and if you’re feeling athletic enough, beach volleyball.

Maverick & Gose checks in with a modest 4.4 percent alcohol by volume and a minuscule 8 IBU rating. The beer will only be available for the rest of this month, so you’ll have to pick up your six-pack cans sooner than later. Stick around to We Write Things for more on the craft beer industry.

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