Open-world games are a certain specialty of Ubisoft and they have a few upcoming this fall. Among the games that will release before year’s end is Watch Dogs 2. This franchise originally debuted during May 2014 and this November will see the next iteration arrive.

New gameplay and trailers have been released over the previous weeks and months for Watch Dogs 2, and another one has appeared. Gamers wondering what free-roaming in Watch Dogs 2 will be like can check out the recently released video from Ubisoft. It runs a bit over 19 minutes and gives people a good peek into the game’s open-world fun.

Gamers will be able to hack people, devices, street lights, cars and so much more in Watch Dogs 2. You can see in the video above just how some of these things are done. Ubisoft has expanded the feature of hacking in Watch Dogs 2, as it’s not a simple one button press to execute a hack. There will be different hacks and each of them will add more choice for gamers to express themselves within the game world.

Watch Dogs 2 was originally announced during E3 2012 and the game debuted May 2014. Ubisoft has taken a much shorter RTL with the sequel and that should contribute to the game not experiencing as much hype-fatigue as the first one did. We’ll see just how it turns out when the game launches this coming Nov. 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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