I have a small confession to make before I get into writing about this comic. I never knew there was a team of Titans outside of the Teen Titans until recently. Turns out I have a whole bunch to catch up on, because I hate keeping money. Some time in the ’80s, the New Teen Titans became the New Titans. And then the Titans got back together in 2008 until the New 52. They weren’t together for the New 52 because of Flashpoint, which I suppose explains why Arsenal and Starfire acted like they didn’t know one another for Red Hood and the Outlaws. Or maybe that’s why Beast Boy and Raven stayed with the Teen Titans in the New 52? GOD, it’s so hard to keep up.

Regardless, there was no Titans for the New 52. Starfire and Arsenal were killing people with the Red Hood. Nightwing was “killed” and had to become a superspy. Raven and Beastboy joined the Teen Titans. Wally West did not exist. I have no idea where Donna Troy has been hanging out all this time.

And now the Titans are back together. Nightwing is back from the “dead,” Arsenal I guess got tired of killing people, and I don’t know where Tempest and Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) came from. They felt called to come together after DC’s Convergence, the series where DC decided to have its multiverse collide and start anew. Nightwing, Arsenal, Wonder Girl, Tempest, and a pre-cog named Lilith Clay, also known as Omen. I’ve never heard of her, but as I said before, I never read any of the original Titans stories, so for all I know, she was there sometime. But anyway, they band together to try to find a missing Titan, but they have no idea who. This was all in a series called Titan Hunt, and no, they were not successful. It’s hard to find someone when you have no idea who you’re looking for.

Well, that person was Wally West, as in the red-haired Wally West that we all know and love from pre-New 52. He disappeared after Flashpoint, which makes sense because time was altered. Turns out, someone else toyed with time as it was stitching back together. As a result, Wally West has been trapped in the speed force, watching all of the events of Central City. Thanks to Convergence, he’s ready to leave, and that’s all explained in DC Universe Rebirth #1.

Now Wally West is back with the Titans, and they want to find out who whisked him to the speed force. Not to mention, who altered 10 years of time and memories so that no one would remember Wally? Just ignore how big of a plot hole this opens, smile, nod, and hold on for the ride. It’s how you do any superhero comic, really.

In order to find out who did this to them, Lilith tries to probe Wally’s mind for answers, and wakes up something evil. This evil is wreaking havoc all over Keystone City in the form of a rather famous DC villain. It seems that he is behind the time troubles as well as Wally’s disappearance. But we don’t know this yet. It’s all possible that Convergence affected him or that whoever altered time altered him too.

I’m not going to think on it too much just yet, because the plot holes between Flashpoint, Convergence, and this altered timeline are already giving me a killer migraine. We’ll all find out in due time. It will probably barely make sense, but it will be enough to push Rebirth forward.

Titans: Rebirth brings together most of the characters I love from this universe, but I’m still hesitant on where Rebirth is going. I thought New 52 was going to be a reboot, but it looks like this is another one of sorts. A half reboot? Would that be just the left boot? It’s not too early to drink yet, is it?

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