It’s getting to be that wonderful time in the gaming industry when the fall release season rolls around. There are a slew of titles getting ready to release and among them is ReCore. The upcoming action-adventure game with a strong emphasis on platforming and narrative will arrive in a few weeks.

Originally revealed a few E3’s ago, ReCore stars Joule Adams and her trusty Corebot companion, Mack. The two journey through the unique world of Far Eden as they seek to save mankind from something horrific. Armature Studio has been vague regarding details about ReCore on purpose, but the narrative seems compelling.

Microsoft has seen the game and knows what folks are going to get when ReCore launches this coming Sept. 13. Xbox Marketing Boss Aaron Greenberg knows what is coming in a few weeks and he believes fans will enjoy the experience they find in ReCore.

“It’s a tough one, because, with every new thing we create, we try to be realistic about how hard it is to deliver new IP and new franchises. But at the same time, we think some things we have done have a really unique appeal. I think about ReCore, and the characters that are in that, and the story elements that are present in that. That kind of action-adventure style gameplay – the depth of that gameplay. People will be really pleased with that one,” Greenberg told WindowsCentral.

I had the chance to play ReCore a few months ago and it certainly feels like a very intelligent game with plenty of mechanics to keep you engaged. The dynamics between Joule and Mack are going to be interesting. When you look at the game from the beginning to the end, that’s when we’ll get a full picture of their relationship.

If you haven’t heard yet, ReCore will not be a straight up $60 experience, like most AAA games are these days. Xbox has chosen a different approach with the upcoming action game. Greenberg spoke about the game’s price and what it will take for the game to perform well.

“And we’re bringing that game out for $40. We don’t want the price to be a barrier either. That’s an example of how we want to bring great value. I’d love to see ReCore do really well. Ultimately, consumers and their response, voting with sales, how they feel about the game – we’ll read reviews, see how it performs, you kind of never know.

“We look back to the first E3 where we first showed Halo – we didn’t have a great E3. People were worried about the game. But when it launched, and people played it, people were like “holy crap, FPS on a console!” and it became one of the biggest franchises we’ve ever seen. Sometimes you just can’t predict where success will come from,” Greenberg said.

ReCore is slated to launch this coming Sept. 13 for Xbox One and Windows 10. Stick around for more on ReCore here at We Write Things.

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