One of the first video games Microsoft demonstrated when they revealed Xbox One was Quantum Break. The game went from May 2013 until the beginning of April 2016 (33 month RTL) before it was finally released. Some found the game to be innovative and entertaining, while others didn’t as much.

Quantum Break was a very different gaming experience. In fact, it is a type of game we have never seen before and hopefully will see again. Our industry is better when we have different games and create new genres, and Quantum Break did both of those things.

Sequels are a common occurrence in our business, with the objective of creating a new franchise being that additional iterations will follow. Aaron Greenberg, who is the head marketing boss at Xbox, spoke about Quantum Break‘s performance and what its future might or might not be.

“Yeah, this is a business. There are times when you have to make priorities on resources. That said, Quantum Break sold really well, it exceeded what we expected it to do. We were really pleased with how Quantum Break did. But just like every movie, not every game needs a sequel, sometimes it’s okay.

“I can’t speak to what Remedy were thinking exactly, especially when it comes to Alan Wake references. I think they’re probably very proud of what they created there. They’re very creative storytellers who build very rich, great games. They were great partners for us. We’re excited to see what they do next. We also announced that we’re bringing Quantum Break to Steam. We’re bringing it to PC retail because we want more and more people to play Quantum Break. We think that’s a good thing,” Greenberg told WindowsCentral.

Personally, I recognize what Quantum Break did earlier this year with the inclusion of a television show. Did it leave a bit to be desired in the gameplay department? Absolutely. However, did it innovate and force people to look at video games outside of the traditional lens? Absolutely.

Quantum Break sequel may seem pretty unlikely at this point, but it is worth noting that the game surpassed Microsoft’s expectations. This could of course mean expectations were low or high, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s safe to say that most gamers are hoping Remedy will choose Alan Wake 2 as its next game, but the studio has yet to say what exactly it will be. Quantum Break is going to be released on Sept. 14 for Steam members. If the game performs well, it’s always possible Microsoft could bring other Xbox One titles to Steam later on.

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