The Xbox One is going to receive some exciting and interesting experiences this fall, much like it already has this generation. When you take a look at the initial Xbox One catalog of games so far, it’s easy to see how diverse Microsoft’s newest IPs have been.

Think about games like Ryse: Son of RomeSunset OverdriveOri and the Blind ForestScalebound, and even Quantum Break. Xbox has done a fine job of seeking out exciting new brands and bringing them to the Xbox One system, while still further enhancing its best franchises.

When we’ve seen the Sunset Overdrives release, we’ve also seen the return of the Halo and yearly batches of Forza game. Xbox One boss Aaron Greenberg believes Microsoft has done a good job of balancing out its game portfolio, and he described a few gamers know of.

“You’re right, though, creating new is harder, but there’s also something really fun about that. We did that with Quantum Break, with ReCore, with Platinum Games on Scalebound, we’re creating all new franchises. All of today’s big game franchises started at that point. It’s fun, and it’s fun to be able to get to do both, and that’s what our fans want. It’s good to have a diverse library,” Greenberg told WindowsCentral.

This coming fall will see the release of Dead Rising 4Gears of War 4ReCore and Forza Horizon 3. That’s a fine set of games with strong diversity in each, and it’s something Microsoft should continue. Previous falls have seen most of Xbox One’s major games launch then, however Microsoft wants to change that trend.

Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusives will be getting spread out more throughout each year. Microsoft is already showing signs of that plan with Halo Wars 2 launching Feb. 21. The next Xbox One and Windows 10 game to release though will be ReCore on Sept. 13. Forza Horizon 3 will follow on Sept. 27. Stick around for more video games goodness here at We Write Things.

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