The craft brewery industry is alive and well in Atlanta, GA and proof of that is Second Self Beer Company. This house of foamy deliciousness only opened its doors two years ago, but it’s beers like the Second Self Citrus IPA that make this brewery feel like a must-try.

Second Self Beer Company has sent out a few new releases, and Citrus IPA was one of them. This particular IPA doesn’t come with the intimidating or intense hop finish that you might expect. Extremely hoppy beers are definitely out there and can definitely chase away some beer drinkers.

However, the Citrus IPA will not chase you away with its hops. In fact, theSecond Self Citrus IPA will open its arms and welcome you into the IPA family with delight. Newcomers to that style of beer will enjoy what it has to offer. The citrus contains a strong orange scent and fits quite perfectly within its overall presentation.

I consider this beer to be a solid place to start for newcomers because the hops do not overwhelm. I’ve tasted IPAs that absolutely whack you over the head with hops before, but Second Self Citrus IPA is not one of them. The addition of other notes such as lemon and grapefruit peel help balance out the orange notes.

Citrus IPAs have become a more common summer beer for breweries, and Second Self has one of the best I’ve tasted. Some of you may have had a similar beer by New Belgium called Citradelic IPA. Since it’s a widely available example, I’d say the Citrus IPA is a bit easier on the palate than that.

For those hop heads out there who really like their world to be rocked by hops though, you probably shouldn’t be looking at any sort of Citrus IPA in the first place. However, if you are a hop head that doesn’t mind easing off of the hop gas pedal every now and again, I believe you’ll enjoy the differentiation.

Second Self Beer Company uses a trio of hops in the form of Columbus, Amarillo and Citra. Second Self then dry-hops the beer with additional Amarillo for the hop, citrus jab. The nose absolutely possesses a sweet dominance, but its dry palate adds a unique dynamic to the finish.

Finally, the Citrus IPA has a high drinkability and is one your palate can stand multiple pints of. IPAs can struggle with drinkability if the IBUs are too high but, the 50 IBUs of Second Self Citrus IPA aren’t bad. If you’re interested in a few food parings, Second Self recommends pan-roasted trout, mussels and my favorite, baseball. I can vouch for the last one, it’s splendid.

If you’re in the Georgia area, you can pick up a six-pack at select restaurants and stores. Those heading to Second Self’s Westside Brewery in Atlanta can enjoy the beer there as well. Stick around here at We Write Things for more craft beer goodness.

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