This has been an interesting generation thus far hasn’t it? The rise of mid-generation console upgrades, slim versions of systems after not even three years of life-cycle has passed and some amazing games. Oh, and I guess I can’t forgot the arrogance and mid-generation hubris from Sony.

There were some signs of Sony getting a bit too high and mighty before, but the recent PS Plus news confirms it. If you haven’t heard, Sony increased the yearly PS Plus subscription by 20 percent or $10. And yes, the increase did not come with anything in return, just less money in your pocket.

In the scheme of things, $10 more per month is a drop in the bucket. $10 per month is not a big deal. However, it’s not about the money in this situation, it’s about what the money says. It is about the principle, the idea of that money. It says we can take advantage of you and you won’t care.

Sony increasing the PS Plus fee by $10 and giving nothing back in return is a middle finger to those who have made the PS4 the best-selling console this generation. PlayStation Network isn’t Xbox Live, a reliable service that is. With the security and stability issues we’ve dealt with over the years, Sony has some nerve to raise the PS Plus fee on us.

What is most puzzling about this move is the timing of it and the fact that it came with nothing but an added fee. Regardless of your console bias, Sony has been doing right by gamers this generation and that makes this move all the more alarming.

Let’s just say Microsoft did the same thing. How do you think gamers would react? My guess is extremely negative because any chance the fanboys have to dog-pile on Xbox, go for it right? So how is it that Sony gets away with it? My guess is they won’t, unless they eventually have something to offer in return.

The PlayStation Meeting is upcoming during the beginning of September and we’ll likely find out new info on PS4 Neo. I’m hoping Sony will also shed more light on why PS Plus increased its fee and what we’ll get in return.

Should more information come to light at the event, then the increase would make more sense. But if that happens, why not tell us now? It’s flat out dumb PR to announce a price increase now and then give reasoning for it later, so that feels unlikely.

Oh and don’t give me this “the new pricing reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members” garbage. Conditions have not all of a sudden changed in the last two years, and Sony is still absolutely murdering it with PS4’s sales.

And I know when they talk about the “current market conditions” they are not talking about the PS Plus games they’ve been dumping out since PS4 launched. Those titles have been indie toss-ins, with a few exceptions, and show just how many damns Sony doesn’t give when it comes to “providing exceptional value” to its members.

PS Plus has gotten lazy and careless, while Games With Gold continues to destroy it just about every month. I’m not saying Sony has put bad games on PS Plus. I’m saying Games With Gold has put out better ones.

And before you say something, remember Xbox One owners have been able to play many Xbox 360 Games With Gold titles on their Xbox Ones. You remember why, don’t you? It’s that little backwards compatibility thing Microsoft gave away for free at the end of last year.

Where is Sony’s backwards compatibility? Oh yeah, you have to pay a subscription fee for that too.

Sony may have had an incredibly successful start to this generation with the PS4, but there is still plenty of time for Sony to shit the bed and ruin it all. I’m hoping to be totally wrong, but the PS Plus increase fee is straight up bullshit. How does that God of War choir sound now?


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