Back in 2014, EA and Microsoft partnered to bring Titanfall to Xbox One and Xbox 360. It eventually saw a release on PC, but never came to PlayStation. Titanfall also didn’t feature split-screen or any sort of co-op, and you may be wondering if Titanfall 2 will.

Co-op in shooters has been a bit of theme over the past year or so. Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, BattlebornThe Division, and more sported a co-op campaign. It continues to be interesting to see which games have co-op and which games don’t.

Titanfall didn’t have a campaign when it launched back in 2014, but could we be seeing one in Titanfall 2? Drew McCoy, who is a producer on Titanfall 2, discussed what they thought about when it came to the idea of co-operative play in Titanfall 2‘s campaign.

“Since the original game was multiplayer only, a lot of people in the studio had the inclination to try was to go ‘let’s try a two or four player co-op experience.’ We had a lengthy period of prototyping where we tried all sorts of crazy stuff and the problems it created for us were ones we didn’t need to tackle this time.

“[They were] things like ‘how do you tell a story effectively when people could be anywhere?’ Player one could go and trigger this sequence to happen, while [player two] is still over there beating a titan to death with its own arm and totally misses [the sequence]. We opted for [just] single-player because we really wanted to get into the storytelling aspect of it,” McCoy told startreplay.

McCoy does bring up a good point about some players lingering and how that affects cutscenes. However, it seems simple to run a cutscene and then start the players back where they were. You can have freedom while still having order in a campaign.

What is most important though is Titanfall 2 will have a campaign this time around. The first Titanfall was criticized for being a bit thin after a few months of playing. As a result, EA and Respawn Entertainment took that feedback from players and have altered Titanfall 2.

We’ll see how Titanfall 2 comes together when it launches on Oct. 28. The game will debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and has a second beta upcoming this weekend. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Titanfall 2. 

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