This generation has seen some of the most interesting and innovative multiplayer modes since PS4 and Xbox One debuted in 2013. Watch Dogs certainly had a unique take on multiplayer back in 2014, and Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t seem like it’ll be taking the conventional road either.

Ubisoft has introduced the new multiplayer mode Bounty Hunter, which will be “tied” to the game’s heat system, enforced by the police. Two to four players can join in on the mode, but it is triggered by a player who has created too much heat on themselves.

When that happens a Bounty Hunter PvP instance takes place where up to three other players seamlessly join to try and “neutralize” the chaotic player. Additionally, those who can stand the heat can manually “trigger a bounty” against themselves via the Contacts app, which is located on Marcus’ in-game cell.

Hacking Invasion, the mode players experienced from the first Watch Dogs, has returned for Watch Dogs 2. Those invading will try to download data from their target, as they hope to stay undetected. As players already know, Online Co-op is also coming to Watch Dogs 2, and this allows two players to join up online and journey through the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Also in co-op, players can also participate in Hacking Invasion and Bounty Hunter activities, adding even more depth and excitement to their seamless online experience.” It has been over two and a half years since gaming saw the first Watch Dogs launch and this second iteration seems to improve upon a lot of the things players didn’t enjoy as much from the first game.

Ubisoft has a slew of other upcoming games set to launch this year, with some of those being VR titles, and others the likes of South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Steep.

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