Tycoon and Simulator franchises have become very popular in the video games industry, with some brands lasting as long as any major sports brand has. tinyBuild and Pinokl have teamed to bring a new type of Tycoon game, and Party Hard Tycoon looks to be one heck of a good time.

Party Hard Tycoon has been announced by tinyBuild and Pinokl and the game will be coming to Steam very soon. The announcement was made earlier this week and it has fans of Tycoon games very excited for the possibilities that lie within Party Hard Tycoon.

So just what exactly is Party Hard Tycoon, you ask? It’s a game that’s about creating the very best night club possible. Gamers will have to oversee a variety of elements in regards to their night club. tinyBuild described the concept and purpose for players in Party Hard Tycoon.

“In Party Hard, you cemented your reputation as the ultimate buzz-killer by deftly slaughtering obnoxiously noisy revelers. Now it’s your turn to step over the velvet rope and get the place jumping in Party Hard Tycoon,” tinyBuild wrote.

The game is currently slated for a PC release via Steam, though a release date or release time frame was not mentioned. It’s always possible that the game could come to consoles, but it will have to have a good showing on PC before such a thing occurs.

“From tinyBuild and Pinokl games, Party Hard Tycoon puts you behind the scenes, managing themes, budgets, and talent. From retro nights to foam fests, glamor shows to disco-fueled get-downs, build the perfect nightclub to throw the ultimate party,”tinyBuild wrote.

Gamers will work to create their very own night club, and this game sounds like it could be a ton of fun. Party Hard Tycoon will be releasing soon, but for those who can’t wait much longer, you can sign up for the game’s upcoming alpha now. Check out more video games wonderfulness on We Write Things.

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