Many people own both the PS4 and Xbox One, and while they may never tell you which one they truly prefer, a preference exists. A person could make the case that the PS4 has the most effective, yet simple UI of any of the consoles available today, and that part of the console will be getting a bit of a facelift soon.

A few days ago, Sony announced the changes that will be coming in PS4 System Update 3.0 in the coming weeks. There were many items that caught my eye, but if you would’ve asked me which part of the PS4’s experience doesn’t need many changes to it, I would have told you UI. It’s fast, simple and logical; three things a great UI should have.

Sony is not resting on its laurels because they have decided to make some tweaks to PS4’s UI. Nothing major was listed as you can check out what exactly Sony plans to do to the interface when the new update goes live.

“We’ve made a lot of adjustments and improvements to PS4’s main user interface. That includes some changes you may notice right away, like new system backgrounds and a revised What’s New tab, to smaller changes like updated popup notifications and redesigned system icons. As a whole, it all adds up to a more refined and easy to use UI. The overall look and feel of the UI remains the same — it just has a fresh coat of paint,” Sony wrote.

PS4 console screenshot (Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment).
PS4 console screenshot (Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment).

New system backgrounds are going to be neat additions, as the current setup does present an easy on the eyes look. However, I’m not sure how much the backgrounds need to change, particularly when you think about the various themes gamers can pick from.

From a notification standpoint, I do hope they have created a bit smaller or more subtle way to notify gamers of something, versus our current setup which just has a disruptive rectangle appear at the top lefthand part of the screen. Perhaps a simple way to customize how notifications appear (i.e. top left, bottom left, top right, etc.)?

I’m well aware that turning off notifications is an option already, however, something like a sound notification through the DualShock 4 might work a bit better. This way the alert still happens and we are aware, except for the fact that gamers are not being disturbed by a Donald Trump-like notification (I exaggerate) in the top left portion of their TVs.

It seems as though Sony was very careful not to change too much to PS4’s UI, which is a good thing given how excellent it already is. Folks who are going to be a part of the public beta that is coming in the days ahead will receive notice from Sony. Check out Sony’s post for full details on what is coming in the new update. For more video game goodness, keep it here on We Write Things.

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