Gaming is at an interesting cross-road. There is the impending arrival of new hardware from Microsoft (Project Scorpio), Sony (PS4 Neo) and Nintendo (NX), something we already saw from each of them in the last four years or so. Hardware has been a serious emphasis this generation, but the most power isn’t all that matters to some.

So far this generation, two of the most important superficial aspects of games that have been emphasized to a dramatic degree are frame rate and resolution. While I do think it’s important for a game to have a solid frame rate, some still go to gaming for a lot more than the best visuals.

The Nintendo Wii U has struggled to grab a serious share of the console market, but that’s not to say people still aren’t enjoying many of the console’s silky smooth titles. Bound Creative Director Michal Staniszewski discussed how happy he is with his Wii U and said it is his go to console at home.

“I bought a Nintendo Wii U [laughs] about two and a half years ago and I was really really happy with that decision. It’s the only console I have at the home right now. I have a PS4 at the office, but I just play Nintendo at home, and I’m really really amazed that they are concentrating on releasing games in 60 frames per second in full HD with multi-sampling.

Wii U console (Courtesy of Nintendo).
Wii U console (Courtesy of Nintendo).

“They look gorgeous and completely smooth and I play them with my kid. I think that’s something we lost in this current console war between Xbox One and PS4, they were concentrated on making the graphics full of effects and not sharp,”Staniszewski told The-Optional.

It is refreshing to hear a take on the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U, particularly one involving a Wii U owner. No one can argue the fact that Nintendo has created some incredible first-party experiences, and that’s something they do just as well as any other publisher in gaming.

Nintendo is working to bring out a new console during March 2017, though we have yet to hear what exactly this new system is going to be. While the NX still sits in ambiguity, gamers can pick up Bound for PS4 today. Stick around at We Write Things for more on video games.

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