The summer is still in full swing and that means lighter or hoppier beers to help you stay refreshed. Atlanta’s Second Self Beer Company has announced the release of two beers, both of which will be available for purchase in cans.

The two beers Second Self Beer Company has released are their Citrus IPA and Saison. Each beer checks in around the same level when it comes to alcohol by volume (ABV). Currently, Second Self Beer Company has five different ales for people to choose from.

Those beers also include Thai Wheat, Red Hop Rye and Maverick & Goose. The Citrus IPA (6.2% ABV) is a beer that contains a trio of excellent hops, in addition to “lemon, orange, & grapefruit peel.” Next, the IPA is dry-hopped with Amarillo, a hop that is also used prior to the dry-hopping.

Beer drinkers will find a citrusy palate, with its aromas falling under the sweeter side of things. Its finish will leave your palate dry. Those concerned about bitterness should know the Citrus IPA has a 50 IBU rating. The IPA pairs great with items like mussels, artichokes and pan-roasted trout.

Switching gears to the Saison (5.5% ABV), beer drinkers will find a less bitter ale (50 IBU) and one that possesses a surprising zest to it. The Saison presents a delicate presentation, which has citrusy, dry, and fresh notes along the way.

Folks who would like to pair the beer with food should look toward roasted turkey, fish or fresh goat cheese. The Saison is indeed a limited release, so you won’t want to hold off too long on picking up the Saison.

Beer drinkers can pick up the Citrus IPA and Saison at select businesses around Georgia. The beers are also findable at Second Self Beer Company itself. For more on the craft beer industry, stay tuned to our We Drink Things section.

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